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Bering Kayak winter gloves test

Who has never regretted not having sufficiently equipped themselves when winter temperatures arrived? To avoid losing the pleasure of riding in cold weather, a good pair of winter gloves is an essential investment. We ask them to keep us warm without interfering with taking orders. These are the qualities of bering Kayak winter gloves that I have experienced over the last few weeks.

Bering Kayak winter gloves: comfort in the spotlight

As soon as we put on the bering Kayak winter gloves, we are surprised by the softness of the interior textile. It is quite rare to find motorcycle gloves which offer so much comfort. Having tested a size XL (don't hesitate to opt for a size larger), we are comfortable in these gloves. The finesse of goat leather on the palm accentuates this effect, and makes it very pleasant to hold the handlebars and touch the controls.

Once worn, with your hands gripping the handlebars, there is a real feeling of comfort that accompanies us as we drive. Unlike other motorcycle gloves, the protective case on the top does not hinder movements. It is this quality which allows these bering gloves to be CE approved as PPE, level 1KP.

The system " Sensor System » which the brand has proudly inscribed on the index finger of the gloves, allows you to control the touch screen of your smartphone. This promise is certainly kept, but don't expect anything exceptional. You actually control your screen, but with a lot of glitches and with the precision of a bear's paw, which becomes frustrating in use. Pressing a big button still works... But don't count on entering an address with your fingertips on your GPS.

An anti-cold barrier

Designed in Softshell, the secret of insulation bering Kayak winter gloves is found in the 110/120 g padded thermal lining. It constitutes a anti-cold barrier and ensures good heat retention. I'm lucky enough to have heated grips, which certainly increased the heat felt in my hands tenfold. But it is certain that compared to my pair of Alpinestars TECH ROAD GORETEX that I usually wear, there is a notable difference in thermal protection.

The rain did not spare me during my test of these bering Kayak winter gloves. So I was able to test their tightness. It turns out that a waterproof and breathable membrane comes to cover our hands. Verdict: I kept my hands dry on almost all of my rides. Only heavy downpours managed to overcome their impermeability. On the other hand, as with many gloves, once soaked, their weight and flexibility quickly become restrictive.

In terms of protection, bering Kayak winter gloves fit well on the wrists. I expected the sleeve length to be more generous to prevent cold air from rising if the glove is not carefully placed. A large scratch can eliminate this problem.

Gloves for regular use?

Due to their very good grip and control feel for winter gloves, the Bering Kayak can be worn daily during the cold half of the year. Lightweight and generally space-saving, they fit easily in your helmet, your top case or in a backpack once you arrive safely. Their sober and typical GT appearance makes them suitable for a wide range of looks.

On the other hand, I must criticize them for the absence of a bib to properly wipe the visor in rainy weather. With the dirty roads of winter, passing the glove over the visor will be more likely to spread water and dirt projections.

In summary, the bering Kayak winter gloves keep all their promises for winter driving. A few details deserve to be reviewed, but riding without having frozen fingertips is priceless!

Quality / Finish4.8

My opinion: to make driving more pleasant in winter

Bering Kayak winter gloves offer a very good level of protection against the cold, with decent waterproofing if you have to face the rain. Once in hand, we are surprised by their flexibility and their finesse which gives them an excellent feeling with the motorcycle's controls. Tested in snowy weather, these winter gloves fulfilled their task: keeping my hands warm and dry, without hindering my driving. A great success!

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