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Furygan Jet All Season Gloves Review

Just after this magnificent victory during the Football World Cup, I am proud to write this test on a recognized French brand, I named Furygan ! Having proven themselves many times in the field of motorcycle and scooter equipment, they now offer us mid-season gloves at a very affordable price: the Furygan Jet All Season gloves.

Finishing the Jet All Season Furygan Gloves

The gloves are delivered in a simple plastic pouch in which a mini user booklet is also placed, which is understandable given the price category in which these gloves are located. Entry level, certainly, but for what quality in the end?

I examined the entirety of the gloves: seams, lining, reinforcements, length of the cuff, materials used... And for an accessory in this category, I can say that the finishes are surprisingly neat. The gloves are soft, the connections are well placed, the linings intelligently accentuated in the most important places, and everything is combined with a certain sobriety, which will appeal to the greatest number of people.

In my opinion, textile materials and polyamide fiber offer an excellent alternative to leather, in terms of resistance to abrasion: lighter, much easier to dry and maintain, and of course, vegan-friendly.

We could just criticize them for their lack of flexibility, but for mid-season gloves, it's not particularly shocking or different from other models.

Protection and regulation of Jet All Season gloves

These gloves are obviously approved to CE standards (EPI EN13594-2015), saving you a nice fine during a possible inspection (well, they are not magic gloves either: fasten your helmet and ride carefully, otherwise they will not be able to unfortunately nothing for you).

The protection is level 1KP, corresponding to an abrasion resistance of at least 4 seconds at 50 km/h, and concerns both the reinforcements on the palm and the knuckles. Clearly, if you ride "normally", you can trust these gloves to protect your hands in the event of an accident (and since riding a motorcycle without hands is not very pleasant, I'll say it again: mod-de- ra-tion!).

Also note: two small reflective strips are present on the fingers, and adapt very well to the general design of the gloves.

Size and feel of controls with Furygan gloves

Despite my very small hands, it was size L that I tested. No disadvantage for me at this level: each finger of the glove has the right length, except perhaps the thumb which is a little long.

Concerning the feel of the controls, I am a little more mixed. The material reinforcing the palm does not slip, but its thickness and rigidity can give a “mitten” effect, closer to a winter glove than a summer glove. However, this is not at all a problem for safety, don't worry: you will be able to keep the controls firmly in hand without any problem!

Furygan Jet All Season gloves: Waterproof and breathable membrane

When someone tells me about waterproof gloves, one idea always comes to mind: “Okay. In the shower ? ". I had not yet had the courage to subject them to such torture. But this time, I went for it. With the strong, continuous flow of the faucet, the gloves lasted 30 seconds before my hands felt the first effects of the humidity.

So I think you will have nothing to fear from light rain. In moderate rain, count on perhaps 1 hour to stay dry, and in a real downpour, you should perhaps turn to more high-end gloves, with a membrane particularly dedicated to this (but who wants to go out on a motorbike under a downpour?).

On the other hand, due to textile materials, these gloves can dry much more quickly than leather gloves, without having to undergo the usual hardening of the latter.

For the breathable side of the membrane, I am much more mixed. Under the scorching sun of Aix en Provence, it takes no less than a few minutes to have your hands sweating. Because yes, the gloves are also sufficiently warm, which is a very good point for mid-season (from February to April, and from September to November depending on the region). But if you want to take them as summer gloves in temperatures over 30°C, forget it. You will have a whole range of excellent gloves dedicated to this use!

Practical aspects

While I regret the lack of tactile feel on these gloves, I appreciate the simplicity of the tightening. A single Velcro is enough, which can be removed and placed easily, without further complications.

This will also depend on the users, but as far as I am concerned, the short cuff is welcome: the sleeves of my jackets go over them without any problem, which is not always the case!

Value for money4.3

My opinion: inexpensive gloves for a good start

I think that these gloves correspond perfectly to two user profiles: the beginner wishing to pass his motorcycle license and start riding, while being protected in all weather, and the passenger who would like to keep his hands warm and dry, all without breaking the bank. If you recognize yourself in this, you can go blindfolded!

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