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Testing the DXR Sanchez gloves

Motoblouz has been creating motorcycle and scooter equipment since 2015. With the dXR brand, Motoblouz .com aims to offer two-wheelers high-quality equipment at very affordable prices. Products made by bikers, for bikers. THE dXR Sanchez gloves are leather gloves with an assertive neo-retro style which offers a inexpensive solution for protected and stylish riding !

We take out the cow, finally, its leather

THE dXR Sanchez gloves are made from cowhide leather. This does not mean that the leather comes from a small cow, but from adult cattle. Cowhide is widely used in the making of motorcycle jackets but also in ready-to-wear. Cowhide leather offers several advantages, because it is often thick, which allows it to resist abrasion, tears and cuts particularly well. And when you're an unlucky or clumsy biker, it's still no small thing to be able to count on a cow who gave her skin to save yours. It is notably thanks to this resistance that the dXR Sanchez gloves carry theapproval CE EN 13594:2015 level 1But it is not the only reason.

Seams as visible as they are strong

The different parts that make up each glove are solidly assembled by thick exterior seams. These give it a raw look, especially in the color. Brown, where the seams are tinted a slightly lighter brown than the rest of the glove.

THE dXR Sanchez gloves are available in 4 colors : Black, Havana, Camel and as tested here, Brown. Depending on your current equipment, you are almost certain to find a pair of dXR Sanchez gloves suitable for your vintage look.

Examining the Sanchezes more closely, we notice an unevenness in the quality of the seams. Not on the resistance, it seems very solid, but rather on the precision and finesse. Some seams are not “nice”, but that doesn’t matter because it contributes to the vintage and raw look.

Tenderize the beast

Little personal anecdote: I learned to drive a motorcycle with winter gloves. For some bikers, it's called torture. For me, it was an opportunity to enjoy summer gloves even more when I had the chance to wear them. Winter gloves often give poor feedback to the rider because of their thickness. THE summer gloves, whose dXR Sanchez gloves are part, offer a feeling that is oh so saving.

My first impression was pretty bad, but I gave these gloves a chance. The leather is certainly thick but after 4 or 5 outings, the gloves wear on the pilot's hands. And this is how comfort sets in. The palms of the hands surround the handles well without annoying seams, the fingers are neither constrained nor tight. You can feel the clutch and brake levers well, so much so that you forget them quite quickly.

In terms of support, an elastic sewn in Z goes around the pilot's wrist. The width of the elastic allows the gloves to be put on easily, while keeping the glove securely in place on the wrist. In addition, a Velcro tab allows you to adjust the tightness. THE dXR Sanchez gloves let themselves be desired, but are ultimately very comfortable.

DXR Sanchez gloves, experience the Indian summer

THE dXR Sanchez gloves are cowhide summer gloves. Leather which gives them the particularity of being slightly warmer than other types of leather. So be careful, I see you coming, these aren't winter gloves either. But I had the opportunity to ride wearing the DXR Sanchez gloves with an outside temperature of 2°C to 17°C in town, in the countryside and on the highway, on a motorcycle devoid of these modern trinkets that are heated grips. I can tell you that these gloves offer good thermal protection up to approximately 12°C. Which is already very good for summer gloves. Below 10°, you can imagine putting on liner gloves or equip your motorcycle with heated grips. It's for you to see !

The DXR Sanchez gloves are not made for winter, but will be good companions for riding in a mild autumn. I also had the opportunity to ride for 40 minutes at night, at less than 10°C, on a motorcycle equipped with hand guards and heated grips: the comfort offered by the Sanchez was royal.

Finally, in terms of waterproofing, DXR tells us that no, the Sanchezes are not waterproof. But after driving for around thirty minutes in light rain, the leather did not pierce. A day of drying, and here the DXR are ready to go again. However, cowhide leather requires a little maintenance. Nothing complicated, just follow the advice in this complete guide.

Practical aspects4

My opinion: Vintage, CE certified and inexpensive

The DXR Sanchez Brown gloves have a raw vintage look while remaining sober. Ideal for all motorcyclists looking for inexpensive gloves that meet the latest approvals. The comfort offered after a few outings allows you to feel comfortable with the controls during your long summer rides.

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