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Test of Ixon RS Combat HP summer gloves

Aaaah the summer season... Motorcyclists are leaving their equipment looking to combat the cold by all means for equipment that allows them to stay cool without neglecting safety. The Ixon RS Combat HP gloves offer the beginning of an answer to this problem in exchange for the sum of around fifty euros? Test and answers over three summers of use.

Lightness for efficiency

Offered in full black or two-tone black/white, the ixon RS combat HP gloves have a sober and versatile look, the carbon shell reinforcing the “racing” effect, especially in white.

What is striking during the first uses is the lightness of these gloves while giving an impression of security. The secret ? A clever mix of textile materials. Mesh on the knuckles and carpals for ventilation, perforated goatskin leather surrounding the carbon shell, lycra between the fingers, neoprene on the wrist and finally chamude on the palm. A second layer is also present on the points most sensitive to friction. The overall quality of finish is there with stitching that is as solid as it is discreet. A rubber reinforcement protects the first phalanges of the index and middle fingers.

The gloves are very easy to put on and tighten thanks to the unique Velcro strap. There is no “hollow” point in extension and no “tight” point in flexion, in short, the perfect size for each finger. The first turns of the wheel confirm the first impressions, the mesh ensures perfect ventilation all over the hand. Gloves are particularly effective for the hot weather and whatever the speed. Although they ventilate without cooling, their optimal use range starts from 15°C. Below this temperature, long trips out of cities can feel chilly. We might as well tell you that it is not with these gloves that you will sweat!


The gloves are approved CE certified PPE according to the old standard in force. Downside, when they were marketed, the pictogram allowing you to avoid verbalization was on a label. You see, the kind of label that scratches your wrist and you settle the score with the premier cut of the scissors... A pictogram printed in the textile is to be expected for the next generation of gloves.

The Ixon RS Combat HP every day

Barely put on, the Ixon RS Combat HP is quickly forgotten, very quickly. The chamude offers effective grip and its flexibility does not hinder at any point, whether in the movements or in the access to the controls of the mount, which provides an excellent feeling. After all, remaining in control of your movements is also safety. In very high heat and especially during urban travel, perspiration can accentuate the feeling of friction of the internal seams on the skin. Not always pleasant. However, this sensation will quickly be erased as soon as the speed limits increase, reinforcing the perfect ventilation of the hand.

And this is the strong point of the Ixon RS Combat HP gloves. Indeed, your humble servant has had to wet several times shirt the glove. Ixon states that they are not waterproof, and that is true. However, once the summer rain is over, the gloves will not take long to dry due to their ventilation. They nevertheless remain effective in the event of morning mist or drizzle.

Practical aspects

The gloves allow you to perform some additional actions without having to remove them. It is for example easy to open your jacket even with the absence of zippers, grab your bank card to pay for your fuel… During the walking break, Ixon thought of joining a male snap on tab in one glove and female in the other, allowing you to hang them on the belt clips of your pants or facilitate their storage. Class.

Ixon tells us that the gloves have “ sensitive touch system » on the index and middle fingers of the gloves. The concept is well thought out but it should be located higher on the last phalanx and be more solid. After 8,000 km they tend to disappear. Efficiency is there, particularly with a GPS placed in a suitable bag. However, if you use a smartphone application, it will be best to remove them to enter an address.

The only major downside is the wrist tightening strap. The latter is made of rubber which is a little too rigid. This has a tendency to unhook the Velcro strip if you are not careful to secure it to the nearest millimeter. The glove being short, a thin part of your forearm may be exposed. Sunburn guaranteed!

In the time

After three summers of daily use or for road trips, one observation stands out: it never occurred to me to replace my Ixon RS Combat HP. The seams are particularly resistant particularly on the most sensitive points: connections between two types of fabric, Velcro strap, reinforcements on the palm. Only mesh and lycra fray.


My opinion: Lightweight and comfortable gloves in all circumstances

At this price, you will have a pair of ventilated gloves allowing you to maintain your feeling of freedom while riding with a minimum of safety. The overall concept is well thought out but can still be improved in terms of the strength of the textiles at the knuckle level. The quality/price/lifespan ratio will satisfy the motorcyclist who wants gloves that meet legal safety requirements while remaining extremely flexible and perfectly ventilated. Whether for a short urban journey or a road trip, these gloves meet many expectations.

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