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Video: RXR Protect Bullet cross chest protector

It's not just the motorcycle airbags which use the damping capabilities of air... The RXR Protect Bullet chest protector thus integrates a permanently inflated system to ensure your safety in the event of a fall. Called Air Shock Absorber (ASA), it consists of an air cushion integrated into the structure of the stone guard to protect critical areas from shocks. The pressurized air very effectively distributes the impacts over a large surface area, which further reduces the risk of injury. Thanks to ASA, the RXR Protect Bullet offers very good level protection with reduced bulk and weight. RXR announces five times greater impact absorption…

RXR Protect Bullet, the stone guard full of air!

Of course, the RXR Protect Bullet must be properly inflated to be fully functional. In order to ensure that the inner tube is at the right pressure, the French manufacturer had the good idea of ​​equipping its breastplate with Easy Pressure. This system allows you to regulate the pressure during inflation, to be carried out using the pump provided. A valve releases excess air when the pressure is sufficient. Simple and reliable!

The RXR Protect Bullet completes this protection through its manufacturing. It is in fact based on articulated elements of high density foam. Enough to enable it to offer the necessary certifications to use in FFM and UFOLEP competition. In short, you can ride with peace of mind!

To adapt to all body types, the RXR Protect Bullet is available in three sizes. It is also equipped with Velcro straps on the hips and shoulders so you can fine-tune the adjustments. Finally, as PEB explains to you in the attached video, you will see that this stone guard is designed to be durable. This largely legitimizes its selling price!


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