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Scott 550 MX cross boots test

New in the high-end section at Scott : the 550 MX boots constitute the American brand's achievement in terms of ergonomics and protection. We tested them, and we explain to you what we liked about them!

We know Scott for his masks. But the American brand has many other strings to its arc, like the breastplates, or the boots! And in general, these products are not like what you can find from competitors. At Scott , it seems that we like to start from a blank sheet when thinking about a new product. Without being burdened by what has been done in the past, we pose the problems and find solutions. The result is always innovative, with a positioning that is different from what is usually found on the pitch.

Scott 550 MX: A different top of the range

Concrete example: the MX 550 boots, which are arriving in the 2016 catalog – and already available at Motoblouz ! This top of the range adopts a lot of solutions that cannot be found anywhere else, which made us want to know more. So we gave a pair to Aymerick Dupont, our TT tester. Accustomed to chunky and very rigid boots, the sand specialist pilot was somewhat amazed by the very refined look of the Scott 550 MX, but above all by the record flexibility of the ankle joint, which exceeds that of anything else he had the chance to try so far.

The ankle joint, super flexible!

Indeed, the ankle joint system (the Multi axial pivot) differs a lot from what we have seen until today. It only operates on a single axis, but doesn't slow down much, unlike most MX boots, which require real conviction to bend a few degrees. What's more, the rail mounting of the joint allows it to automatically align itself in the axis of your ankle, whatever your body shape. Note in this respect the placement of the tightening buckles at the back, on the calf, another precaution to avoid hindering movements.

ideal flexibility for the feeling of the motorcycle

The result of such a design is very great ankle freedom. although, of course, the system protects it from extreme extensions and flexions – that's its purpose after all! In practice, Aymerick confirmed having gained in dexterity with the controls, and appreciates the less fatigue on the longest races due to this flexibility. But to do that he had to cross a psychological barrier, he who is used to “ski boot” comfort…

Fine, refined and reassuring

Let's come back to the refined look, a legacy in a way of the Scott Genius, a historic model from Scott undoubtedly too innovative in its time to have met with the success it deserved. Thanks to their tighter lines than the competition, without omnipresent plastic growths, the Scott 550 MX boots appear very fine. Aymerick really appreciated this narrowness on the bike, which works in favor of ergonomics. However, protection is there thanks to the numerous protective reinforcements, particularly at the level of the shin and at the back of the foot.

Putting on: Fingers in the nose!

Once is not customary, let's finish by putting it on! Aymerick highlighted the ease with which the Scott 550 MX are put on. The full opening system makes it easy to slide your foot inside. Sweating before starting the bike, a bad memory with the Scott ! After which it is enough to lock the three buckles, an operation which is carried out with one hand and without monstrous effort once they have been adjusted (once and for all). A little more practical, the “beak” at the back of the heel, which makes it easier to take off your shoes. Original in the segment, Scott has even provided a waterproof membrane, which will keep your feet dry if you ride in the rain. Essential for Le Touquet, not true Aymerick ?!


Our opinion: Queens of dexterity!

Thanks to their great finesse and the flexibility of their ankle joint, the Scott 550 MX boots provide excellent feedback and good feel for the controls. If you feel the reactions of your machine largely through your feet, then these boots are for you! The good news is that the 550 MX is also very well placed in terms of price compared to the competition... And we are not the only ones to say it! So why still hesitate? ;-)

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