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AGV AX-8 Carbon cross helmet test

At AGV , the top of the range cross is called AX-8 Carbon. We tested this thick, brute-looking helmet that combines carbon and fiber in the field. Our verdict!

Although it still remains relatively confidential on the cross -country terrain of France, the AGV AX-8 Carbon helmet nevertheless has some great arguments to put forward. Presented as light, well ventilated and comfortable by the Italian manufacturer, this high-end AGV deserves careful attention. And then it is worn by Max Nagl, leader of the MX1 World Championship, and that has the gift of sharpening our curiosity! We therefore tested it extensively in the field in order to put these qualities to the test!

The AGV AX-8, a flattering product

Premier observation: the AX-8 Carbon does not lack character, notably adorned with this Carbotech decoration which leaves the noble material very visible. The taut lines of the crown and the massive, protruding chin guard do the rest. You can't go wrong when you're dealing with an AX-8! This rewarding look is augmented with a flattering finish. The plastics are perfectly adjusted, the screws exude luxury, the ventilations are nicely integrated into the whole, etc. A visual success!

Designed for action

It's time to put it on. The AGV AX-8 Carbon is welcoming, especially thanks to its comfortable interior, Drilex foam with a pleasant touch. No pressure points on the skull, the support is uniform. You immediately feel good on board, a first impression which will be confirmed over the hours of driving. We also appreciate that the interior foams are removable (easily), which allows it to be cleaned between uses. Likewise, the smooth finish of the various internal components of the AX-8 makes it easy to wash, with plenty of water if necessary!

Imposing, but featherweight

Like any self-respecting TT helmet, it is designed to accommodate a cross mask. We tested several models, from the imposing Oakley Airbrake MX Race Ready with its roll-off to more compact Scott glasses. Everyone takes their place without hindrance and without embarrassment. Likewise, the rather sturdy chin guard is completely forgotten. And then what lightness!
However, this apparently carbon helmet actually uses tricomposite fiber, combining carbon, aramid and Kevlar, which offers very good performance in the event of an impact. The whole thing is covered with an additional layer of carbon, for added safety and style! This multilayer design therefore does not affect the result on the scale: weighing 1,100 grams, the AX-8 Carbon belongs to the featherweight category..

A racing beast

Kick, and gas! At high speed as well as during violent axis changes, lightness remains the major advantage of this helmet. On long races or training sessions that last until dusk, it will definitely benefit the health of your neck! Likewise, the curved design of the base of the cap means that it is not hindered by the neck brace. This design therefore offers total freedom of movement.
Also note the good circulation of air inside, thanks to the efficient ventilation system.. The upper air intakes (closable) located just under the visor allow the air to be renewed effectively around the skull. In short, in action, this product clearly proves more efficient than other big names in the category!

Interior comfort4.3

Our opinion: A high-performance and accessible carbon helmet

We must admit, we haven't really found any complaints about the AGV AX-8 Carbon helmet... Approved by Aymerick Dupont, our test pilot, it turns out to be light, comfortable to wear, ventilated and inspires confidence in protection. Better still, it turns out to be rather well placed in terms of price in the face of growing competition from high-end carbon cross helmets. An atypical helmet that will adapt to all uses, from enduro to MX!

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