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Test of the Acerbis MX Jacket Soft 2.0 vest

When it comes to chest protection for off-roading, are you more of a vest or bib? At Acerbis there is a product that belongs to these two categories, the MX Jacket Soft 2.0 vest. We tested it for you on the Côte d'Opale grounds!

The benefit of off-road protection no longer needs to be demonstrated. Moreover, the FFM and UFOLEP, the two main structures organizing sporting events, now require pectoral and back shells to comply with the following standards EN 1621 for the back, EN 14021 for the chest reinforcement. Breastplate or vest? Everyone is free to choose what suits them best. But in case you are hesitating between the two, you will undoubtedly be seduced by this new release from the Acerbis catalog, the MX Jacket Soft 2.0 vest.

The Acerbis MX Jacket Soft 2.0 vest, versatile cross protection

This vest therefore uses foam that complies with the standards cited above. But above all, the Acerbis MX Jacket Soft 2.0 has the advantage of having detachable sleeves. If it is not an Acerbis exclusive, this does not make it any less versatile cross protection equipment, since it will transform in a few seconds into a vest without sleeves, appreciable for example if it is more hot. To do this, simply unzip each sleeve, and the “vest” configuration is operational!

This modularity is not the only argument in favor of comfort. So, protective foams surprise with their flexibility. Acerbis called on Winboss, a supplier specializing in this type of material, who designed an approved backbone but with an emphasis on comfort. It comes in the form of a sort of sandwich combining three layers of flexible foam glued only in their center for maximum ergonomics. The entire vest shines with its lightness and comfort in all conditions.

A large mesh vest for good ventilation

Used in training as well as in racing, the Acerbis MX Jacket Soft 2.0 vest/chest protector has also been appreciated for its great breathability. Made from a wide-knit stretch textile, it promotes good ventilation, which is very pleasant as soon as the temperature rises. Only foams are not designed for good air circulation. The fact remains that visually, this “fishing net” style mesh textile is not the most graceful, for example compared to what we can find among the competition. But the main thing is there: he plays his role effectively, and in the end, that's all we ask of him. Because who rides without a jersey, just with their vest?

A rather well thought out product

Fully elastic, the vest will adapt to all body shapes without hindrance. The abdominal belt nevertheless makes it possible to optimize the adjustment, in particular with a view to placing the dorsal properly against the back. Thanks to the front zip opening, the Acerbis MX Jacket Soft 2.0 vest is easy to put on, like any jacket.

Note also the presence of a silicone strip inside the belt, to prevent the vest from riding up accidentally during exercise. In short, the design is rather flattering.


Our opinion: A modular and comfortable cross vest

Light, ventilated and transparent to use, the Acerbis MX Jacket Soft 2.0 vest plays its role to perfection. This product, which combines protection and modularity, will manage to accommodate all uses. If it is average for budget vests, its versatility and overall level of comfort allow it to enjoy excellent value for money.

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