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Testing EVS TP199 knee pads

It's been a long time since I posted a review. So sure, I took the time, but it's worth it. You will not be disappointed because the eVS knee pads TP199 are full of surprises!

As their name suggests, the eVS knee pads TP199 were designed for Travis Pastrana, the creator of Nitro Circus. Lightweight, flexible and supportive, I tell you all about this product.

Safety first

As we speak of a protective gear, I will necessarily start with its security aspect. An important point: if you have knee problems, then the eVS knee pads TP199 are not made for you. Indeed, knee pads should not be confused (as is the case here) with orthotics. Because it must be said that the eVS brand is above all known for its high quality orthotics. THE eVS knee pads TP199 therefore do not prevent twisting like an orthosis would, but they do the job perfectly taff level of protection against shocks.

And for good reason, the foam which makes up the knee protection part is a specific RMF foam (Reactiv memory foam). It hardens in the event of impact, and only in the event of impact! So, if you were afraid that it would be less resistant than a plastic shell, I can confirm that this is not the case. This foam is very strong and absorbs impact well. I would even say that it is more comfortable to take hits with it than with a rigid plastic shell!

Please note: the eVS knee pads TP199 also act as shin protection thanks to a classic foam (understand different from RMF) which ensures the protection of this area.

EVS TP199 knee pads, the comfort of a good cozy bed

This is not what we mainly ask for in a product of this type but it is a strong point of this knee pad. In addition to the foam that I have already told you about, the whole thing is both very light and comfortable. Inside, you will find gel cushions that prevent friction and improve comfort. eVS knee pads TP199.

The only slightly off-putting aspects are comfort, perspiration and heat.

Okay, when I started testing the product, it was July. The circuits were dry and it was 35°C (I swear, even in the north it's possible). Well, I admit that after 2 hours of riding, my knees were hot and the knee pads were a little damp. So yes, the foam and sleeves of this knee brace make you sweat a little... But don't panic! This foam also dries very quickly. And at least it helps you lose thigh fat 😉

A stronger hold than neoprene glue

Indeed, no worries on that side! The sleeve system which allows the knee brace to be inserted as well as the scratches present above offer eVS knee pads TP199 absolute support. In addition, they have a system of silicone bands which also ensures support on the thigh.

If you tell me that your knee pads are slipping, it's because you've thought too big!

When there is discomfort, there is no pleasure!

And with the eVS knee pads TP199, it's 0 inconvenience. The knee brace is thin, light and completely fit under the pants. It fits your knee perfectly and increases support on the motorcycle tank. Same for the lower part. Although it can act as a “shin guard” and seems quite long, the TP199 poses no problem in the boot. You will be able to close your boot as usual, and will not feel any discomfort in your shin or when bending your leg.

Don't get the wrong size

It's difficult to fit into a size 36 when you're wearing a size 44. Well, it's the same thing for this knee brace. Although there are only two sizes available (SM/L-XL), I managed to get it wrong myself. Fortunately, the return is free at Motoblouz , so I was able to exchange them without difficulty 😉

I admit that when choosing, I lacked a bit of information. So I started from the principle that, by putting M everywhere, I also had to put M in kneecaps. Knowing that my orthotics are already in Mr. Fail! It was very (too) small. The advantage is that now I can give you the measurements so that you don't make a mistake.

You need 3 indicators:

  1. your size
  2. your weight
  3. the diameter of your thigh

Then refer to this:

  • If you measure between 152 cm and 178 cm (I would even say 175 cm), and you weigh between 40 and 74 kg, then you must take S/M
  • If you are above, you must take L/XL
  • Let's add to this the diameter of your thigh (you can be small and have reinforced concrete thighs): if your thigh measures less than 45 cm in diameter then it's the S/M size that you need.

If you respect this, then no worries about size, and the support I spoke to you about previously will be optimal.

PS: The thigh diameter is not taken into account in the EVS sizing thanks to its elastic tightening system. But this is approximately the maximum extension that the size S/M could undergo.

A stunning price

Ok, there is a bad play on words with the fact that Travis Pastrana performs backflips (or even misses, like at MXDN 2018). But it must be said that it is still an important point for eVS knee pads TP199… In my opinion, EVS is aimed at everyone.

Little extra: if like me, you rip your pants off because of the knee pads or orthotics, this won't be the case. So, in addition to offering a quality/price ratio that defies the competition, the eVS knee pads TP199 will also save you a few euros on pants 😉

A new version: the eVS knee pads TP199 are available in a lite version, which does not include the shin guard part and therefore stops below the knee. No need to slip them into the boot!

Impact resistance 4.3
Torsion resistance2.5
Maintenance 5
Price quality 4

My opinion: a knee brace that combines comfort, lightness and safety

Do not confuse orthoses and knee pads! The EVS TP199 knee brace is a knee brace that amply fulfills its role. It will protect your knees in the event of an impact thanks to its innovative foam system, and will thus allow you to combine comfort, lightness and safety.

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