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Video: DXR Atacama Adventure Boots

The DXR Atacama, a low-budget answer for fans of the great outdoors looking for their next motorcycle boots!

Their secret? Amazing versatility at this price. As comfortable on a highway trip as on the gravel tracks of your next tT hike, the Atacama will indeed give you plenty for your money.

DXR Atacama: On-road or off-road, everywhere!

Specially designed for trail pilots, Atacama boots have many specific features:

  • They integrate a waterproof and breathable membrane which will keep your feet dry in fords and other mud puddles.
  • Their large lug soles will give you good grip on slippery surfaces. Practical for getting your motorcycle up without breaking out in a cold sweat and for being very stable on your footrests when standing.
  • THE notched buckle tightening system which equips them always offers an ideal fit and a hold above reproach.
  • THE numerous reinforcements lined with leather manufacturing will protect you from blows, impacts and pressures inherent to off-roading.
  • THE suede leather (turned inside out) will ensure you have a good grip on your motorcycle.
  • Of the double stitching on exposed areas guarantees long-term strength.

Approved but comfortable boots

Given all these features, you may have guessed: the DXR Atacama benefits eN 13634:2010 approval.

However, despite their adventurous appearance, these adventure boots take great care of your feet! Comfort gussets will make your movements more natural – after a few days of breaking in. Likewise, the interior textile demonstrates good breathability for greater comfort during exercise or when it is hot. Also note the large opening to make it easier to put on, or the exchangeable insole. If that's not the attention to detail...

And the best part is that their selling price drops below €147.50.

Interested? Take a look at the video, where the DXR Atacama boots are detailed for you from every angle!

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