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Bell Star 360Fly helmet, the biker's guardian angel?

Motorcycle helmets equipped with cameras are popping up everywhere... But this prototype presented by Bell and 360Fly at CES puts forward a new argument compared to its competitors: it warns you in the event of danger!

You probably know the 360Fly panoramic, this 360 motorcycle camera° which allows you to film what's happening all around you in 4K and navigate intuitively while watching — otherwise, discover its motoblouz profile here ! This action cam revolutionary seems to have continued to surprise us since in collaboration with Bell, its manufacturer has just presented a version integrated into the Star full-face helmet during CES, the famous show dedicated to technological developments in Las Vegas.

Livestream, GPS, WiFi, and more!

This camera (detachable) records 4K videos at up to 30 fps (images per second), which it tags with GPS coordinates for optimal geolocation afterwards. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth connections to be controlled via an essential smartphone app. The autonomy of two hours should be sufficient for competition use as well as for walks.
Among the functions that will be revealed during the final marketing of the headset, announced for the end of 2016, we will note theAutopilot action tracking, which will put the subject of the video directly at the center of the action, as well as the possibility of broadcasting in live a 360° HD video (livestream)…

The anti-collision signal, the biker’s guardian angel?

The result is visually discreet compared to the usual deformed growths with articulated legs made by on-board cameras. And the fact that the Fly 360 is thus integrated also makes it less dangerous in the event of a fall: less relief means fewer opportunities to get caught somewhere, therefore fewer injuries too. But this is not its main argument regarding security.

The big innovation concerns the Collision Avoidance Alert (which could be translated as anti-collision signal), a smart software functionality, which would be made possible thanks to movement sensors, GPS and “ machine learning ". This true guardian angel of the biker would thus detect approaching obstacles outside your field of vision, and immediately warn you of the danger!

Crazy car whose driver is distracted by the phone on the road, a competitor determined to cut you up with his front wheel in motocross, a driver looking for contact on the track... The anti-collision signal will have no shortage of opportunities to be useful. It remains to be seen whether the functionality will really see the light of day, and whether it proves to be up to the task!

Of course, we will keep you informed of all this, as well as the final availability and price of the beast as soon as we know more. follow us on Facebook or Twitter – according to your affinities – to be among the first to know!

Edit January 11, 2016: Good news for off-road fans, the Bell Moto9 (see our test here) will also have a 360Fly version!

Source : 360Fly and BRG Sports

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  1. Loic February 5, 2016 at 10:28 Answer

    Hello Robby,

    The final price has not yet been communicated. But if we consider that the camera alone is worth €490.68 and that the Bell Star headset counts at least as much, we have an idea of ​​the price likely to be offered. Innovation is worth it!


  2. Robby February 5, 2016 at 08:09 Answer

    Good morning. It's a helmet that could be
    qualify as revolutionary. Do you have any idea of ​​the price it sells for?
    Thank you for sharing !