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Pinlock anti-fog lens: The EVO version on Shoei helmets in 2015

Looking at what is in front of you without embarrassment is an essential safety element for the motorcyclist. The Pinlock lens, a real asset for combating fogging in your motorcycle helmet, is now available in an EVO version. A super-effective new product about to arrive at SHOEI !

Pinlock, the brand of bikers who ride when it's cold, has found its way into the dictionary as a common noun. This very effective anti-fog process is in fact increasingly common in helmets from manufacturers such as Shark , LS2 , Arai , etc. The new version of this reference, called Pinlock EVO, will soon arrive on Motoblouz.
In collaboration with SHOEI , Pinlock has enhanced the anti-fog protection of its product with the aim of improving the safety of motorcyclists around the world.

What is the difference between the standard lens and the Pinlock EVO?

The system is always based on double protection. To clarify, the equipped screen is doubled by the Pinlock lens which adds a waterproof air gap thanks to the silicone seal, ensuring a perfected anti-fog system. This new version becomes six times more efficient than what the ECE standard requires, and will premier exclusively equip helmets from the Japanese brand SHOEI. However, the transition to other brands should not take long to take place.

Pinlock EVO, the complete technical sheet

  • A clear vision in difficult weather circumstances
  • Six times more effective than what the ECE standard requires regarding fogging
  • A double protection system with an airtight double screen effect
  • High protection against humidity thanks to a absorbent material
  • A interchangeable system
  • A solution durable, easy to install and clean

If you want to know more, be sure to take a look on the official Pinlock website (in English)

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