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Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT jacket: Very high-end road

Scott expands its range of road equipment every year, and optimizes its models throughout the collections, like the Distinct 1 Pro GT jacket. How does this equipment for “always on the road” justify its price? Preview before testing!

No half measures with scott Distinct 1 Pro GT jacket. The American manufacturer is playing the card ofhigh-end and very technical equipment. And, it's true, the price is reflected: the Distinct 1 Pro GT ranks among the most expensive textile clothing in our catalog.

But the question is not so much whether this top of the road range is expensive, but rather if you get what you pay for. Because there is a demand for high-performance equipment: those who clock up hundreds of kilometers per week are not afraid to pay a little more to ensure perfect comfort. We will have the opportunity to give you our opinion on the matter soon since we have received it for testing.

Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT jacket: Expensive with good reason?

Because the Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT jacket attaches the services of the biggest names in motorcycle equipment: Cordura, Gore-Tex, SuperFabric, Riri zips, etc.. are just a few of them. The manufacturer has not skimped on technology to ensure optimal performance in all conditions.

  • Cordura: the textile used in the manufacture of the Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT motorcycle jacket is renowned for its resistance and flexibility.
  • Gore-Tex: Scott has opted for the benchmark brand in terms of waterproofing/breathability, and the Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT even incorporates top-of-the-range Gore-Tex technologies. The membrane is here laminated (glued, to simplify) with Cordura. This way, the jacket does not become waterlogged in prolonged rain, a plus for comfort.
  • SuperFabric: The Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT has a surface of this textile on the shoulders covered with small plates that are extremely resistant to abrasion. A choice combining flexibility and strength, ideal for this exposed area in the event of a fall.
  • Zip Riri: Still little known in the motorcycle industry, this manufacturer's zippers guarantee such tightness that it is superfluous to cover them with a textile flap like other zippers on the market. An undeniable advantage in terms of ergonomics.

So many characteristics that will be the center of our attention during the test.

Comfort as the main concern

Additional advantage of the Distinct 1 Pro GT motorcycle jacket from Scott : it boasts a great lightness, with a weight measured at 1.5 kg by the manufacturer, lower than many of its competitors.
This long jacket is suitable for use in winter and mid-season thanks to its dexfil thermal liner (an insulating material advertised as efficient as Thinsulate), the collar of which detaches if necessary. The whole thing can be removed as soon as the temperature rises.
In terms of protection, it adopts two pairs of level 1 certified SAS-Tech shells on the shoulders and elbows.

In terms of practical aspects, the Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT jacket also multiplies the arguments with its numerous tightening systems, its automatically locking collar tab, its elastic cuffs with thumb loop or its discreet reflective piping

Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT: Soon to be tested on the Motoblouz blog!

Already evaluated by certain motorcycle sites such as which gives it a nice 17/20, the Scott Distinct 1 Pro GT motorcycle jacket benefits from a positive aura among specialists. Count on us to give you our perception of things and go into more detail!

The matching pants are also available.

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