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DXR Combat half boots, tested and validated by Alyson

Are you looking for your next motorcycle boots and want something beautiful, comfortable and easy to put on without spending your entire monthly shopping budget? So don't move, I found a nugget: the COMBAT half-boots by DXR.

Choosing your boots carefully is very important. If they are too small, too big, uncomfortable or if you had planned a use with them that turns out to be complicated, you will have a bad time and that is not the goal. Boots must not only offer optimal protection against external elements and accidents, but they must also be comfortable for long hours of driving and possibly walking if you wander during a stage during a road trip by example.

I took advantage of the Honda France press tests of the new CB650R and CBR650R (in order to test the new “e-clutch” technology) to put on the new DXR COMBAT half-boots. A day under the sun of Marseille and its hinterland where we thoroughly enjoyed the turns and the landscape. It was in this enchanting setting that I hit the road, equipped with motorcycle boots freshly received for a field test. So I’ll let you discover my feelings in the lines that follow… Good reading !

Design and features

First of all, what made me fall in love with it was its little leopard print interior. Quite original, it changes! Then the Rock'n'roll side of the boot with the two zips on each side. I appreciated the fact that I could have found them in a ready-to-wear store, without thinking for a single second that these are boots dedicated and approved for motorcycle riding.

They come in 2 colors: black or brown. I preferred the black color because I change my outfit regularly and it goes with everything. But the leopard purple of the brown ones almost made me change my mind. 😉

I offer you an overview here:

Available from 35 to 41, they rise above the ankle, which allows you to hide your jeans or motorcycle leggings inside. The notched effect sole increases the height of the shoe, knowing that the heel is already 5cm. This is not insignificant when we know that some of you are looking to gain a few centimeters to be more comfortable when stationary on the motorcycle.

To finish on the practical side, I confirm that the shoes fit perfectly. I'm a size 39 and I took a 39. I'm not tight in it, even very comfortable. And I can even add a pair of gel insoles for added comfort. For those with wide feet, don't worry!


The DXR Combat half-boots are made from 100% cowhide leather, which offers good strength while remaining flexible. Nothing is more unpleasant than wearing shoes that hurt your heels, the tips of your feet or in which you feel trapped! They are strong at Motoblouz , they have thought of everything!

A “flex” zone has been added to the back of the calf for more flexibility when your feet are positioned on the motorcycle toe clips. Perfect for not scissoring our calves!

There is also a double zip at the front which allows you to put on your boots in record time, even when you have jeans that take up space or slightly wide calves.

Finally, after an intense day of riding (since the press tests are not a bucolic ride but rather a journey that makes me sweat every time because the pace to follow the crazy people on the handlebars is so intense), i had absolutely no pain in my feet. I even used the DXR COMBAT half-boots to take the train, both there and back, and it didn't bother me at all... 100% validated on this point!

Security and protection

Well we validated the look and comfort, but what does that mean about safety?

In order to ensure a good level of protection, they are certified according to the CE EN 13634 standard and obtained the level 2222 IPA. Well, in all honesty, I don't understand much about it but to obtain certifications, they take long and complicated tests... so that's a good sign :). They also have as a significant element the double reinforcement at the level of the malleoli.

Waterproofing and resistance

I was lucky enough to stay dry under the blazing sun all day. On the other hand, my little problem would be on this point: they are unfortunately not waterproof!

Not being made of Gore-tex or other warm material either, I advise you not to wear this model on rainy days or bad weather forecast!

In terms of resistance, I don't have enough perspective to tell you how they hold up over time. On the other hand, I will come back to this point in a few weeks, I promise. I can only tell you that the material selected normally provides very good quality and after 300 kilometers of riding, I have no trace of wear on the selector.

One more favorite

It's no longer a secret: I'm won over by DXR , the brand that Motoblouz is developing. I already have a few favorites under my belt like aGILITY leggings or aGATE ankle boots

But there, they exceeded any product. I put it number one on all points. Only remaining in my “I don’t like” side is the waterproof aspect in case of road trip and rain. Whether for a casual ride in the city or a more daring trip in the mountains, these boots have proven to be a major asset for us bikers! Not to mention that you can add them to your basket for around a hundred euros…

So, conquered? Almost ? All you need to do is watch a bit of this video and I'm sure you'll give in :)

Comfort 4.6
Ease of use5

My opinion :

These women's half boots are the perfect compromise between style, safety and comfort. If you like being able to use your shoes even outside of a motorcycle context, then believe me: they will be the new gem in your wardrobe!

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