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Airoh Commander full face helmet, tested and validated by Max, Motoblouz customer

Airoh full face helmet order

Satisfied with its effectiveness, its look, its easy use, the airoh Commander full face helmet i think it's a good investment. A lightweight helmet that will accompany you in style on your Sunday walks, your daily commute or on any adventure. I'll give you my more detailed opinion here!

Airoh Commander full face helmet, lightweight

Coming from a NEXX XWED2 to this airoh Commander full face helmet, something jumped out at me, or rather, at my head: it was its weight. I think it's the lightest helmet I've ever had. Made from HPC composite fibers for optimal resistance, it weighs around 1400g. Note that I also have the classic version but that there is a carbon version of the Airoh Commander which weighs 100 to 150 grams less. In the hand, it's pleasant, on the head, it's the foot. The weight of the helmet is well balanced.

If you want to lighten it even more, it is possible to remove the cap. For my part, I'm not necessarily a fan of this look ("Booster Nitro Bidalot filter horn" look from the 90s) but, if it's your thing, we're not here to judge. To do this, simply unclip 3 fixing covers (left, right, and top) to access a plastic Phillips screw. A little cheap, it must be admitted, but it does its job.

testing the Airoh commander helmet in the Uyuni salt flats


The main screen is wide, as is the panorama. The field of vision is ideal with good peripheral vision. The presence of the original pinlock, practically available on all helmets now, remains welcome. Note that the pinlock wears out quite quickly. More precisely, it is the lower part of the joint with the visor which is no longer completely airtight after 3 months of intensive daily use. I had already encountered this problem with my previous headset. According to my investigation, the detachment is due to friction of the pinlock on the helmet shell each time the visor is completely opened. Thanks Sherlock. When it rains and is hot, fog tends to seep onto the lower part of the visor. In short, pinlock is great, but it's not magic either. The screen can be completely removed to make room for a mask if things get tough... It's easy, two Allen screws, one on each side.

The sunglasses are really large, and allow you to ride with your visor open without the risk of a hornet touching your cornea. The sun protection is sufficient and pleasant. The latch, located on the left part at the top of the skull, is rather rigid. Once sufficient pressure is applied, the bezel moves up or down like a guillotine. Personally, it hits my nose, in order to stay awake at all times... Once lowered, it stays in place. I must admit that there is a slight distortion of vision due to the curvature of the screen but you get used to it quickly.

…and be seen

Ultra sleek and sharp look, the helmet really looks good. Cut with a sickle, and yes… I used the word sickle. There are different colors. Whether plain, with patterns, in a matte or glossy finish: all the models are eye-catching. The hardest part will be choosing: match your bike, your outfit, your favorite colors? What suspense. Note that after one or two falls (of the helmet), the paint flakes quite easily on the cap. At the same time, he shouldn't be dropped...

Other info, there is a fairly large price difference between the models depending on the complexity of the aesthetic design as well as the finish. €345.05 for the entry-level shiny plain helmet and €424.70 for a pattern. The carbon finish is out of category at €522.05 It's not cheap but the first prices are very good! And if looks aren't that important to you, this is a very good helmet at the price of a good helmet.

The shape makes attaching a camera mount quite complex. I would have liked to have the possibility of attaching to the chin guard but the accessories delivered do not allow this. Something to attach to a flat surface, not easy to find on the helmet, but findable. Or at the very top of the helmet.

The size of the Airoh Commander full face helmet

I don't know if I have a broad head but airoh Commander full face helmet is quite narrow when premier put on. I took L which is the recommended size according to my head size. After a few hours of riding, however, the compression gives way to comfort. The foams are therefore quickly made, while remaining firm for a tailor-made fitted helmet. The interior of this full face helmet is hypoallergenic and the side parts of the foams can be removed when washing is necessary.

The clips that hold the foam in place are a bit of my phobia when it comes to helmets. I hate it when the fixing tabs crack, and I have to constantly reclip the foams. For now, everything is okay. This is not the case for the anti-eddy bib under the chin guard which has a tendency to come loose under the pressure of... my beard or a yawn (yes, sometimes the road is ch** **). Closing the chin strap with the double D buckle is secure.

salar Uyuni trip motorbike onemonthoneride

Ventilation and soundproofing of this Airoh full face helmet

Nothing revolutionary, this airoh Commander full face helmet is noisy but nothing more. At the same time, expecting an adventure helmet to be silent is clearly fooling yourself. So, we are satisfied. Ventilation wise, it breathes well. The openings don't make a huge difference but it's nice to have them. The one at the chin bar is easy to handle. The upper vent latch is a little more complex because it is so small.

How to adapt intercoms to this Airoh headset?

I questioned myself on multiple occasions. Am I normal? Is the position of my ears adapted to the world we live in? Clearly, according to Airoh, The answer is no. The location dedicated to receiving the amplifiers of the communication systems is always much too high for me. I find myself with speakers aimed at my temples. And Mathilde is literally speaking to my hair bulbs… In addition to being poorly placed, the locations are not deep enough. In any case, those of Cardo Freecom 4+ and its JBL speakers. It is extremely unpleasant or even quite painful after a few minutes.

Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem! Although it is not advisable to remove foam from a helmet, I decided to do it anyway because the idea is not to cross South America with an unbearable helmet. I did it very cleanly, even surgically. premier , by scraping material with a knife at the desired location then compacting the polystyrene again with the back of a spoon once finished. The latter contains quite a bit of glue, which allows for a perfect finish. It almost looks like it's original. I now have holes, in the right place, and quite deep... Once the speakers are in place, the cables pass easily from the inside to the outside of the headset through a notch provided for this purpose. The finishing of the airoh Commander full face helmet is perfect.

onemonthoneride travel helmet Airoh


See the product sheet


My opinion: a beautiful helmet, comfortable and light

The Airoh Commander full face helmet is easy to handle and durable. It is the ideal traveling companion for all touring/adventure motorcycle riders. We recommend!

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  1. Rock may 5, 2024 at 9:27 p.m. Answer


    Did you have any problems with the central locking of the visor?
    Mine just broke, only 5000kms in 3 years (yes, I know, that's not a lot...that's 4 weekends for me.), I find that a bit limiting.

    • One month one ride may 16, 2024 at 11:03 Answer

      Hey Pierre,
      Sorry to hear that... Mathilde and I rode for a while with this model without encountering the problem you mentioned (for my part, I still have this helmet). Personally, I am bothered by the Pinlock, which tends to move when the visor is manipulated. Therefore, it is not sealed tightly and does not perform its function properly. Aside from that, I really like the headset and I find that the quality and finish are there. It is possible that this is a manufacturing defect which could be taken care of by after-sales service.
      Good road !

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