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Equipment: the Best Of 2019 testers #EnjoyTheRide

The end of the year is approaching, and with it its share of celebrations and traditions. For #EnjoyTheRide testers, the tradition is to produce a Best-Of of the past year.

Once again: this year 2019 will have been rich in product tests dedicated to the practice of our favorite leisure activity, namely motorcycling (I prefer to remind you of this just in case). Choosing the flagship product of the year was difficult for each of our editors, because few products really disappoint us.

In any case, rest assured: the products highlighted here are real favorites, and will definitely satisfy you.

Receive from us all our biker sympathies, have a very happy end of 2019 and start a wonderful year 2020.

And at the risk of being heavy, watch out for yourself, be careful and go out well equipped.

The #EnjoyTheRide team


El Cheeba // ROOF ro35 cooper helmet

I admit that I hesitated with the Dainese sneakers but ultimately my favorite 2019 is the helmet Roof r035 cooper.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it, its light weight, its sober and effective design and above all its ingenious system which allows you to change style (with visor, with visor and CE sunscreen or without visor, with a mask or glasses).

I know that this jet helmet can make safety aficionados cringe in the event of a fall, but with the heatwave and for the short city trips that I make daily, I found this helmet perfect, especially if I compare it with my 10 year old Roof Boxer who is a real brick…

In conclusion, the Roof Cooper jet helmet is great for urban trips and for helmet lovers who like to adapt the style of the helmet to the weather and the motorcycle 😉

Sylvain // Nexx x.wed2 helmet

Wide field of vision for the Nexx X.WED2 helmet

My very premier test for #EnjoyTheRide, The Best so far! I'm never letting go of this helmet!

Whether I'm going for a long day's drive, or wherever I'm going splashing in the mud with friends, the NEXX x.wed2 is always with me.

After a year of use, I am really convinced by the versatility of this headset. Next to others, NEXX has made something very robust and qualitative.

It hasn't moved, my head is still held just as well.

To all those looking for a dual sports helmet, go for it with your eyes closed!

Gab // DXR vinz jacket

My favorite of this year 2019 is undoubtedly the DXR Vinz. THE Perfecto designed for the 21st century biker, a risky bet by the designers at DXR who have succeeded in creating a stylish and practical jacket.

The leather is of excellent quality, like the entire jacket, and the pockets are numerous. Protection is indeed there with this level 1 approved jacket. All it's missing is a back protector!

Given its wide open collar, it is intended more for summer use. By closing it fully, it can also be used in winter but sacrificing the “Perfecto” look.

To top it off, the DXR Vinz is perfectly waterproof!

Chloe // Boots tcx lady blend waterproof

If there is one piece of equipment that has never left my side since its test, it would be the Boots tcx lady blend waterproof (except of course last summer when my feet would surely have melted).

They are pleasant to wear whether on a motorbike or on foot, and have a fairly versatile look. So I can even keep them at work or for walking around town.

They also protect very well thanks to reinforcement at the ankles and help to have a secure position thanks to the non-slip sole.

The TCX brand is a sure value.

Meuhsli // DXR tanner jacket

The vintage look and cognac color of DXR Tanner always gives me a wow factor every time I open my closet.

Perfect for mid-season, its design and finishes are truly worthy of a luxury home!

It's not uncommon for me to wear it, even when it's not for motorcycle riding. It then transforms into a very classic city jacket, provided it can support its weight. This is my favorite of 2019.

In use, I appreciate its simplicity and the feeling of protection it provides with its thick leather.

My only complaint is that it doesn't come with a back protector, but that has certainly allowed DXR to offer us leather of this quality at such an attractive price.

Cedric “lmhdc” // Roof ro200 helmet

My favorite for 2019 is headphones Roof RO200 !

You are starting to know me, you know that I have a penchant for “premium” equipment. With the return of Roof to the full-face racing helmet segment, I am served! Entirely made of carbon and made “by hand”, this is an exceptional helmet!

Certainly the price is high, but overall rather well placed compared to the competition's headsets. The French manufacturer even has the luxury of over-equipping the RO200: 2 screens (1 colorless + 1 smoked), nose deflector, anti-eddy bib and pinlock 120 as standard. The best version of the famous anti-fog lens therefore, for a racing helmet that can adapt to road use...if you ignore the absence of internal sunscreen. After all, it is a real racing helmet!

As such, it benefits from cutting-edge aerodynamics, which also explains its good soundproofing for the category, especially for a carbon helmet. The ventilation is surprising, like its unique chin guard air diversion system. But its huge strong point is its weight: 1090g on the scale! (Up to size 58, 1150g beyond)

Roof hit hard with the RO200, looking forward to seeing the next integral bikes that the brand plans to market soon.

Emeric74 // Dainese tempest 2 d-dry jacket

Among the tests I carried out this year, I without hesitation choose the “4 seasons” textile jacket offered by DAINESE with the Tempest 2 D-Dry, second generation of this range of equipment from the Italian manufacturer.

Improved on this latest generation, this jacket, which I use every day both for riding and for giving my on-set lessons, allows me to have an all-weather garment, both hot and cold, that I can adapt according to changes in temperature. The little extra with the lining which can be worn without the jacket.

Complete in terms of protection, once equipped with a back protector, it is a light, resistant and comfortable jacket that is quickly forgotten. The strong point of this jacket is its versatility for everyday riding without asking any questions.

To make it a perfect outfit, you can combine it with the pants of the same name.

A “Best-of” without hesitation!

Thibaud // DXR Kaptor Jeans

As you “kapt” it, my “Best Of 2019” product is motorcycle jeans DXR Kaptor.

Already during my test I announced that it had everything to appear in this Best Of. And voila, justice is done.

Three criteria particularly stand out from the DXR Kaptor: its comfort, its level of protection, and of course its price. With its millimeter-adjustable shells, it's pure joy. The Kevlar lining, for its part, is forgotten as it is so soft.

For everyday riding or during outings, I put my other motorcycle pants at the back of the closet to bring these out premier .

Don't hesitate any longer, to try it is to adopt it!

Sonya // VQuattro Escape Lady Heated Jacket

Times are hard. The cold, the incessant rain, very difficult traffic during these times of strike in the Paris region. But ! But ! I don't care :p.

Since I've been warm thanks to my super heated jacket Vquattro Escape lady, not even afraid to go out very early in the morning to go to work. When motorists are scratching their windshields, I'm on top in my super jacket which warms my back, stomach, neck and shoulders. A DELIGHT. You don't even need a neck strap anymore. It's my best friend these days, my comfort blanket, my portable duvet.

In addition, as I plug it directly into the battery via a cable that comes out near the saddle (at first I put it on the harness, it was practical but ugly), never a problem with the battery recharging. But I happened to take the battery out to carry it in other conditions. In the mountains, for example. This is so cheating, I LOVE IT.

It's THE piece of equipment that changed my daily life as a biker. My smile of blissful satisfaction now lights up the gray sidewalks of the suburbs.

Bikers and chilly bikers, hear, hear, your ordeal is coming to an end!

Anthony // DXR Dean

My big favorite of 2019 is undoubtedly the leather jacket DXR Dean. In its matte black version, it is absolutely beautiful. But even if its aesthetic is very successful (I have met absolutely no one who did not like this jacket!), it is for me an example of the qualitative progress of DXR leathers: the DEAN is extremely well thought out and extremely well finished.

It offers impeccable comfort and protection. Details such as the leather pullers on each zip, the embossed DXR logos, the double set of elbow protectors so you can choose the ones that best suit your body shape/driving position... everything is impeccable.

The look is simply stunning, offering the perfect compromise between sobriety and radicality.

As is often the case now, DXR has the excellent idea of ​​offering several colors for the same jacket model. An initiative that other French equipment manufacturers could draw inspiration from!

DXR continues to offer accomplished, quality, financially accessible products, in a range of styles that makes it almost impossible not to find what you're looking for.

Full box!

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