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Video: Airoh 2.3 aviator helmet

If the airoh Aviator helmet part of the benchmarks in cross helmets since its release in 2011, this is not the result of chance: its lightness, its technicality and its look have continued to evolve over the years, and this for the greatest pleasure of its multiple users.

Today it's the model's turn Airoh 2.3 to sift through for our video test. Is he riding the same glorious wave as his elders?

Aviator 2.3 Airoh helmet: featherweight for maximum protection

With its 950 small grams, the Aviator 2.3 helmet is obviously one of the lightest on the market: you will barely feel it resting on your head! His secret? The use of a shell combining carbon and Kevlar which will not only reduce the total weight of the helmet, but also provide a lot of comfort and safety. To note that this cap is available in 3 sizes.

The safety of the helmet is ensured by a emergency extraction system called AEFR, for Airoh Emergency Fast Remove. Thanks to strips located at the base of the cheek pads, the safety devices, if necessary, can remove them quickly so as not to touch your neck too much. We obviously don’t wish that on you!

Furthermore, we find on the chin strap a double-D aluminum buckle, identical to that on board the Cairoli or the Musquin.

A well-ventilated and well-equipped helmet

Who says cross helmet says optimal ventilation: the adage is perfectly justified here with multiple air intakes inserted here and there. For example, it's impossible to miss the huge opening located at the top of the skull!

The excellent reputation of the Airoh headset is also justified by simply indecent level of equipment. It offers its users a kit to attach a sports camera, shutters for ventilation, an extension for the visor as well as hardware. Just that !

On this 2.3 model, the field of vision has been expanded. All the latest generation masks will find their place there like fingers in the nose.

In short, and you will have understood, the Aviator 2.3 Airoh helmet easily retains its place as a high-end helmet. All that remains is to know if you're going to fall for it or not!

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