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Video: Thor sector bomber helmet

Finally a helmet that offers protection worthy of the name without having to take out a loan from your bank! THE thor Sector Bomber helmet, which our superhero Charlotte presents to you in the video below, presents a technology called MIPS which should be of great interest to motorcyclists.

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Thor Sector Bomber helmet: MIPS technology under the microscope

Shocks rarely occur perpendicularly. A technology was therefore needed capable ofabsorb side impacts, which is common when the helmet hits the ground (as little as possible, we hope).

Thanks to the MIPS system, the kinetic energy of the impact is greatly absorbed thanks to an intermediate layer located directly in contact with your skull, just behind the traditional foams. Result : brain damage is minimized in the event of a fall.

Usually, we find similar technologies on “high-end” helmets. Here, no need to break the bank to keep your head safe!

Zoom on the cap

Associated with MIPS technology, we find a shell which mixes ABS and Polycarbonate, for a result that is both flexible and resistant.

The result is certainly a little cumbersome, but it has the advantage of being approved on both the European (ECE) and American (DOT) continent.

The Thor Sector Bomber helmet by the way

There's more than just security in life: there's everything else too! And here again, the Thor Sector Bomber helmet does very well.

Its ventilation system will allow perfect air circulation. From a cross helmet, we expected no less! The visor is on his side adjustable, with a detachable interior for cleaning. The tightening, for its part, is of the type double-D loop, the best in the field.

In short, an almost unbeatable quality/safety/price ratio! Several colors are available on Motoblouz : which one will you choose?

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