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Video: Point 65° N Boblbee backpacks

You may have already seen these high-end backpacks on the backs of bikers... It must also be said that they are easily noticed: rigid backpacks, it’s not common in the streets! We owe this ingenious idea to the swedish brand Point 65° N. Today, we look back at two flagship models in the range of backpacks Point 65° N BOBLBEE : the GT and GTX.

Point 65° N BOBLBEE backpacks: Luggage… or real protection?

If it was necessary to find a “compartment” (sorry for the pun) for this range of motorcycle backpacks, we would have some difficulty. Luggage, aerodynamic accessories, protection? Well, all three, of course!

Already, the backpacks Point 65° N BOBLBEE feature profiled lines that end in a fin-style line. This is for the aerodynamics of the backpack, and by the same token, that of the biker. But it is also a question of protection. Yes, dear friends, thanks to this aBS plastic shell, your point 65° N BOBLBEE backpack acts as a backbone. Better still, the brand announces a reduction in impact force of 93%, just that! THE backpacks Point 65° N BOBLBEE thus earn their stripes of level 2 certified back protectors, the highest on the market. Not bad, is it? Then, let's not forget that they protect you, but also everything they contain (camera, etc.).

Besides, you can take things into these point 65° backpacks. THE BOBLBEE have several compartments, even one for a laptop. The GT and GTX are also available in 20 or 25 Liter versions. And despite this volume, the size remains as compact as possible... Rigid backpack required.

What is the difference between the GT and the GTX?

The basic characteristics of the GT and GTX are identical: both offer the same level of protection, the same ergonomics, and the same volume. Where the difference is made is in relation to the closing system. THE point 65° N BOBLBEE GTX backpack simply closes with an aluminum buckle. The GTX uses three elastics. Aside from this slight detail, ergonomics and daily use are both very practical.

Everything, or almost everything, can be adjusted on these backpacks Point 65° N BOBLBEE : length of the straps, the abdominal belt, chest strap… It must also be said that to perfectly fulfill its job of protection, it must be as close as possible to your back. In short, we are talking to you here about a beautiful high-end equipment. Equipment which therefore represents a huge investment. You can add the price of a good backpack + that of a good backpack. But as we said, a backpack that acts as a back protector... It doesn't run the streets, and here Point 65° makes us run / ride serenely!

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  1. Loboto september 6, 2018 at 1:42 p.m. Answer

    Hello, I have a question while reading this article:
    Is this an advertorial or an article actually chosen by the team to highlight it?
    Let me explain: With the exception of a few passages like the one on the price at the end, the tone really sounds like an advertisement/brief written by the manufacturer:
    There are very few reviews, very few explanations of the text (beyond what the manufacturer says, why does the author think that such an aspect is a good thing?), a lot of superlatives ( “To perfectly fulfill its role..”, “Better…”, etc.) of formulas attempting to obtain validation from the audience in a somewhat artificial way (“Not bad, isn’t it?”)…
    If the article is not an advertorial, I think a little work could be done to make your articles more personal (what does the author really think?) and more factual (is this aspect really useful? ) Would be a good thing.
    They would be even more useful and pleasant to read!

    • Loic september 6, 2018 at 3:56 p.m. Answer

      Hello @disqus_VsIkmunfpa:disqus

      Thank you for your constructive feedback, a sign of a marked interest in our articles. We appreciate it 🙂 Even more so because your message makes sense.

      Perhaps the tone of the article does not reflect its objective as much as it should: to inform readers (and viewers, since the accompanying video provides more or less the same information) about the characteristics of the backpack, more than to formulate a criticism about them. For this, we have the tests section: https://www. motoblouz .com/enjoytheride/motor-equipment
      As part of the testing, the products are entrusted to third-party bloggers/videographers for maximum objectivity.

      This does not prevent us from having a perspective on the product presented, which we do as much as possible. If you check out other presentation videos, you will see this. In the case of these Point 65° N Boblbee GT and GTX backpacks, we see little to complain about, which is often the case with the most high-end equipment. Take a look at the video anyway, which will be more complete on the issue!

      Cheers and good luck
      V – Loïc

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