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Video: Airoh valor helmet

Are you looking for a good ally to get you on the roads at an affordable price? THE airoh Valor helmet is a full face helmet which can be described as simple and efficient. He doesn't do much, but what he does, he does well! It focuses on the essentials, and ultimately, it's everything you want from a good headset.

Simple and effective, the Airoh Valor helmet

Good design, budget within everyone's reach, technical sheet on point... The airoh Valor helmet is a good headset to start with. With it, you won't be overwhelmed by features... Or by weight for that matter. With its injected cap, this airoh helmet in fact reaches the weight of 1400 g in size M. A big point compared to the competition which sometimes overwhelms us with accessories that we do not need. Even less to start with.

Regarding tightening, the airoh Valor helmet opt for one micrometric buckle. Once again: simple and effective, this is the most popular closure system among motorcyclists. For what ? For its ease, of course! You put the rack in its housing, and it's all good. You can even adjust it each time you go out for a ride... Just to always keep it tight. If we continue the inspection, we discover inside this airoh full face helmet hypoallergenic foams. Like many, these foams are removable and washable. Yes, remember to wash them at least once a year, so that you ride in good conditions.

Speaking of riding in good conditions, we can also mention the fact that this airoh Valor helmet has a very decent ventilation system for this price. It is in fact equipped with 6 air intakes and 2 extractors. Not bad ! You can be sure to feel a little air when the need arises. Moreover, the need will undoubtedly be felt in winter... Because note that this airoh Valor helmet is not available with Pinlock lens (to be added as an option).

In short, simple, nice design, light, and at an affordable price… The airoh Valor helmet is a great option for getting out on the roads.

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