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Video: Falco oxegen 2 waterproof boots

Between road and sport, is your heart torn? There are quite a few models of motorcycle boots which manage to strike a nice balance between comfort and protection. This is particularly the case for falco Oxegen 2 Waterproof boots which we present to you here in video. Let's see what the italian manufacturer

Falco Oxegen 2 Waterproof boots: road or sporty?
Both, my captain!

Yes, it must be said that the falco Oxegen 2 Waterproof boots carry with them both comfort features, perfect for the road, and other safety features, especially for sport.

When it comes to manufacturing, we are on a leather combined with rigid TPU reinforcements. But unlike sports equipment, on these falco boots, they are not too imposing and only cover strategic areas. After a few weeks of break-in, they will hamper your movements less than racing ones, and will provide a much higher level of safety than road ones.

While we're on the subject of safety, let us add that these falco Oxegen 2 Waterproof boots haveanti-shock inserts in D3O. Particularly facing the malleolus. You know, D3O is this ultra-flexible material that becomes ultra-rigid in the event of an impact. The best way to combine comfort and protection! Finally, they also have sliders… in zinc, please. So with all that, falco Oxegen 2 Waterproof boots are certified as PPE.

In falco Oxegen 2 Waterproof boots, yes, there is waterproof! This model has a waterproof and, supposedly, breathable membrane which increases the seasonal range of falco boots… But it must be said that with this, ventilation is more or less reduced to nothing!

So, road or sports? Let's say that these falco Oxegen 2 waterproof boots combine a good level of protection… And offer flexibility and comfort on a daily basis. They are aimed at motorcyclists who want to optimize their safety on the road and who are also looking for a model suitable for the track.

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