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Video: Alpinestars supertech s-m10 helmet

The least we can say is that the team Alpinestars is a nice bunch of little secretive ones! And also, that they have worked hard in recent years to offer us this alpinestars SuperTech S-M10 helmet. 4 shell sizes, MIPS technology, adjustment of the helmet to the shape of your skull... When the brand Alpinestars decides to launch a cross helmet, she doesn't go with the back of the spoon.

Superstar, the Alpinestars SuperTech S-M10 helmet?

THE alpinestars SuperTech S-M10 helmet in the hands, we can tell you: it blows away almost everything that exists on the high-end market in terms of technology. It also takes the best in terms of protection, and makes great proposals for us in terms of innovations.

First, this alpinestars helmet calls on a carbon fiber shell, the top question weight / resistance ratio. So, even if it is the super-equipped type, the cap allows it to only reach 1,260 g. for a size M. Not bad! Especially as we repeat, the cap is available in 4 sizes, to adapt to all body types.

And inside, it's the same thing. THE alpinestars SuperTech S-M10 helmet is equipped with a liner with 4 different EPS densities. This means that the cushioning is proportionate depending on the area of ​​the skull covered. In addition, and still inside, it has the a-Head technology which allows the adjustment of the interior of the helmet… to your skull. Sophisticated, isn't it?

Focus on the security arsenal?

Because yes, we can say it, the alpinestars SuperTech S-M10 helmet does indeed have a security arsenal. First, it is equipped with the MIPS system. THE mIPS system for Multi-directional Protection Systemif you don't know, is a protection system invisible from the outside but which in fact complements the cushioning offered by polystyrene (mentioned above)… And it turns out to be extremely effective! But we advise you to take a look at the video for more details.

Another thing: the design itself of this cross helmet has been designed for your safety. In the event of a mess, the visor will eject, the foam will be easily removed, and the notches at the base of the helmet have been designed to reduce the risk of contact with the collarbone – and thus reduce the risk of fracture...

Brief. For a first attempt, it's a masterstroke... Alpinestars offers us a cross helmet which immediately ranks as a reference. Good performance !

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