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Video: Bering lady cancun jacket

Enjoying the roads in summer, in the middle of the countryside, is not always easy. Unless you have the bering Lady Cancun jacket specially designed to help you withstand the July/August temperatures on sunny roads. But you will see that this is not its only asset!

Bering Lady Cancun jacket, for sun lovers!

The feeling of slowly roasting on your bike under the bright August sun... Gone!

THE bering Lady Cancun jacket, ladies, is a textile jacket ventilated which prevents heatstroke. His secret? Wide hardmesh inserts, arranged at the level of the bust and arms. But still ? It is a wide mesh textile which allows good air circulation. When your bike is moving, the bering Lady Cancun jacket ensures natural cooling. And to tell you the truth, this bering jacket is so effective that below 25°C, and at high speed, you would almost be cold...

But rest assured, bering brand thought of everything. THE bering Lady Cancun jacket comes with a waterproof over-jacket which you can put on as soon as temperatures start to drop or in case of rain. Only problem? You will need to keep it close at hand in case temperatures fluctuate. And to complete your outfit, know that the bering Lady Cancun jacket has a zip to be connected to the Bering lady cancun pants. Practical for long sessions wrinkled summer!

Finally, let us not forget that the bering Lady Cancun jacket is intended for bikers. It has all the necessary equipment to protect you “just in case”. First of all, a textile that is more than sturdy in Fibertech 600D on the most exposed areas (shoulders, outside of the arms, and back), shells on the shoulders and elbows, a pocket available for a back protector – not available, and of course the certification as PPE.

Protective, and above all taking care to protect you from extreme heat as well as drops in temperature, the bering Lady Cancun jacket is ready to follow you… to Mexico!

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