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Video: Caberg xtrace helmet

Are you looking for a full face helmet to walk on the road... and branch off from time to time onto stony mountain paths? Ok, so let us introduce you to the caberg Xtrace helmet which can do the trick, with the added benefit of a major advantage: its low price.

In the footsteps of the Caberg Xtrace helmet

If we wanted to define the caberg Xtrace helmet, we would then say that it is a road helmet who likes to escape off the beaten track from time to time. Result, the caberg brand offered it all the equipment of the standard road integral, and added, in addition, a visor to be more peaceful on dirt roads. We also find a micrometric buckle for tightening, a retractable sunscreen, and a weight that doesn't weigh too much... 1,550 g.

What “weighs” above all, on the caberg Xtrace helmet, it is his wide-angle field of view. Screen which is intended to be of very good quality, what's more. The only question is why Caberg didn't supply the Pinlock lens as standard? History of offering a top screen, on all levels.

Is the screen big enough for a mask?

And yes, we're talking about leaving the road, maxi screen... It's normal for us to wonder if a cross mask would find its place alongside the caberg Xtrace helmet. The answer is yes, absolutely. The only problem is that the brand has not provided anything to keep the elastic in place. So, you can wear a mask... But it shouldn't shake too much either.

So, it’s true that he has an extreme adventurer style. But ultimately, the caberg Xtrace helmet is mainly aimed at owners of road trails. With its affordable price, it will appeal to trail riders who enjoy short road trips. Civilized adventurers, in short!

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