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Video: Alpinestars atom gloves

Are you looking for cross type gloves but designed for road use? Ok, so let us introduce you to the alpinestars Atom gloves. Of the summer motorcycle gloves designed to ensure your comfort, without forgetting your protection.

Alpi does not forget your safety with the Alpinestars Atom gloves

Rather short, well ventilated, with Mesh textile areas: no doubt, we are sure summer motorcycle gloves. Designed for your comfort despite higher temperatures.

That said, the risk with pair of summer gloves, is to forget about security. THE motorcycle gloves must above all ensure your protection in the event of a mess, but that, Alpinestars didn't forget it! THE alpinestars Atom gloves in fact have all the necessary elements to protect your palm and fingers. Namely: a reinforced cowhide leather by synthetic suede leather, polyurethane foam inserts soft and elastic which protect the back of the hand and the knuckles, and reflective pipings on the fingers to improve your visibility.

Very protective, these alpinestars gloves yet remain comfortable. Alpinestars has in fact added a stretch textile, particularly between the fingers, to improve the mobility of the hand and provide great flexibility. The base of the wrist is also equipped with an ergonomic stretch insert.

The bonus: compatibility with touch screens!

Yes, Alpinestars thought of everything. The tips of the index finger and thumb alpinestars Atom gloves are compatible with touch screens. What does it mean ?

If our touch screens detect the touch of our fingers, it is because they are electrically charged... Our fingers take a slight electrical charge, unlike the majority of textile gloves, which insulate our skin from the screen. As a result, no matter how much you touch your screen, nothing happens, it doesn't move. Do the test with the alpinestars Atom gloves, and you will see that the screen reacts. It is quite simply because the alpinestars brand added a conductive thread on the ends of the index finger and thumb... So, no need to take off your gloves to configure the GPS this summer.

Practical, comfortable, protective: we have found the motorcycle gloves that will follow you on your Sunday rides this summer.

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