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Video: Bering Maestro jacket test

THE bering Maestro jacket is what we call a 3 in 1 jacket. In other words, it can be used whatever the season. Mr iMattheus wore it for 2 months, over 3,000 km and of course in all weather conditions to test its resistance and versatility. Rain, ice, snow, cold, hot (well at +15°C max)... This bering jacket is it really versatile?

Focus on the Bering Maestro jacket

THE bering Maestro jacket was designed in a power Tech fiber. Its main characteristic is to be particularly strong and resistant to abrasion, while offering good flexibility. Of the areas in Shield Tex have been added to the shoulders and under the arms, to provide additional elasticity and ease of movement.

To be used all year round, this textile jacket is composed of three layers:

  • a first removable thermo aluminum micro fleece lining to be warm... when it's cold,
  • such a removable membrane in BW2Tech500, composed of micro-porous fabrics, to ensure good wind and water tightness,
  • and the jacket itself which contains a fixed mesh fabric lining, with numerous openings for ventilation (practical in case of extreme heat!).

And what about security?

For your safety, the bering Maestro jacket is equipped with CE approved shoulder and elbow protections (adjustable in height). It even has a level 1 backbone, available as standard, also CE approved. Well, it seems a little short that said... Perhaps it would be better to invest in a level 2 internal backbone, even in a back with straps, to better protect the entire back.

All of this equipment is still worth it. cE certification as PPE. In other words, the bering Maestro jacket provides a sufficient level of security.

The Bering Maestro jacket, a practical jacket?

It first has the aDS ventilation systems which allow you to adjust the incoming air flow yourself. Very practical! Especially since they are easy to handle, even with gloves. In addition, it is equipped with anti-flapping systems on the sleeves which can be fully opened, allowing you to benefit from good ventilation while riding.

To benefit from increased visibility at night, the bering Maestro jacket features 3M Scotchlite reflective areas on the arms and back. But it's on the settings side that it's strong! The Maestro has very comfortable adjustable lumbar support, an adjustable pressure system on the arms, and an adjustable collar system as well. As a result, this jacket from the bering brand slips on and adjusts very easily, and adapts to all body types.

Finally, there is plenty of storage space. There are two exterior pockets, and two interior pockets, one of which is intended for the wallet.

On the way Maestro!

Overall, the bering Maestro jacket is comfortable… even on the highway and at high speeds. The main reason comes from all the previously mentioned adjustments. Since you can fully adjust it to your body shape, you don't feel any floating, even at high speed. THE bering jacket is thus quickly forgotten.

Another detail, appreciable enough to be underlined, is the fact that this jacket goes quite low. So, when you sit on the motorcycle, you sit on the jacket... And you thus avoid any air entry (rather unpleasant, let's admit it) at the lower back. The only air inlets that we feel are at the level of the pectorals thanks to the aDS ventilation systems. They really provide a constant flow of air (once opened, of course) which is especially nice in summer or spring.

In terms of resistance to cold and rain, this is where the bering Maestro jacket begins to show its limits. Waterproof and durable, it is, but not under extreme conditions. That is to say that below 5°C, it is better to equip yourself with more than one technical clothing or a thermal jacket to maintain a correct body temperature. Same in the rain. If you drive for more than half an hour in pouring rain... You risk getting wet! Last little problem: the Velcro system at the end of the sleeves, a bit short, which does not allow a good fit with winter gloves.


Despite the fact that it is not suitable for extreme conditions, for bikers who like to brave the cold and storms, the bering Maestro jacket is truly comfortable and pleasant to wear. Little extra: it is available in a wide choice of sizes, which allows everyone to find the model best suited to their body shape. All this, for a fairly low price… Conclusion, this bering Maestro jacket is a good complete jacket, which allows you to ride well all year round (except in extreme conditions).

Cold resistance3
Waterproofing 3.5
Practical aspects 3.5

My opinion: Versatile and generally effective

The Bering Maestro jacket is a versatile and generally effective jacket, whatever the season or weather conditions. It is comfortable and pleasant to wear, thanks in particular to the numerous ventilation holes. Only problem: it will not be suitable in extreme conditions, in big storms or with negative temperatures! To cope with more extreme conditions, it is better to choose high-end models from the same Bering brand.

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