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Video: Bering lady tera boots

Comfort, protection, style and ergonomics, this is a pair of boots Ladies who multiply the attentions. THE bering Lady Tera boots are not just a simple derivative of a men's model. They have in fact been designed for your daily motorcycle riding, while providing you with an extra bit of style. We look ?

Bering Lady Tera boots, (almost) everything is in the style

With the bering Lady Tera boots, we see that the french brand Bering has worked a lot on style… and comfort. Indeed, these bering boots offer a very distinct and unique feminine look. The large heel, for example, plays a big role in this style. But not only ! It also makes it easier for you to access the floor if you are not very tall. Look and everyday comfort, premier good point. Another element: the laces which take us back to the 20s boots, both feminine and slender. That said, tying your shoelaces every morning is better in terms of practicality... Which is why Bering added opening zips on the inside of the foot. Second good point for the look and everyday comfort.

Beyond the style, it must be said that the bering brand also offers us a successful model in case of bad weather. In fact, the bering Lady Tera boots benefit from a synthetic leather manufacturing. Material that basically resists rain quite well. In addition, the Lady Tera incorporates a rainproof underlay, or waterproof membrane. This way your feet are protected from rain which could seep through the seams. Finally, and always in the event of bad weather, or if you drive at night, be aware that the bering Lady Tera boots display reflective areas at the back, above the heel, to increase your visibility.

The only problem with this model? The brand has focused so much on the look and everyday comfort that protection has been slightly put aside. It is true that the synthetic leather used for their manufacture offers good resistance. And a selector guard has also been added. But these are the only things you can count on. No reinforcement on the malleolus or shins. That said, this lack of protection can significantly improve your comfort, as the boots thus gain flexibility.

You understand, if you are looking for a pair of motorcycle boots comfortable and stylish, the Lady Tera are perfectly suited.

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