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Video: Furygan over pant pants

« Just great. I use it every day and it's really good. » (Yacine). Where does such success come from? THE furygan Over Pant pants actually plays on two counts. It serves as over-trousers waterproof to protect you from rain, and protective overtrousers to protect you in the event of a mess.

1 Furygan Over Pant, 2 objectives

Against the rain first, the furygan Over Pant pants is the hyper-equipped type. In fact, the furygan brand integrated a waterproof insert under the outer fabric, to protect you from the rain along the entire length of the legs. Flaps have even been added to the opening zips to avoid leaks in this area.

And against the bowls, the brand gave everything. Indeed, the furygan Over Pant pants take with him some nice protective gear:

  1. It was designed in a high tenacity polyester which already offers good resistance to abrasion.
  2. In addition, it incorporates an additional lining which maximizes its resistance to abrasion.
  3. Finally, the icing on the pants, Furygan has integrated as standard d30 shells on knees and hips.

Result, the furygan Over Pant pants wants to be certified as PPE. Incidentally, we can highlight the presence of reflective zones on the hips, knees, and ankles which improve your visibility. In short, against the cold, the rain and the mess, yes, the Furygan brand is super protective.

Beyond that, the furygan Over Pant pants has been well thought out to make your daily life easier. The opening/closing zips, for example, open along the entire length of the legs to simplify putting on. Simply slide the zippers to the side, put the overpants over your pants (easy), and pull up the zippers. Finally, a elastic strap with three-position pressure system allows you to adapt this furygan pants to your size.

That's basically what made him so successful. But if you are looking for a motorcycle pants and you want more information: take a look at the product page. User reviews speak for themselves!

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