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Video: Furygan zeno jacket

When we think motorcycle jacket, we often think of leather or synthetic jackets. But rarely cotton! However, with each new collection, the nîmes brand Furygan offers us some models that appeal to this natural material, offering comfort and inimitable style. This season is the furygan Zeno jacket. Here, cotton has been combined with polyamide for a result reminiscent of the first oiled cotton motorcycle jackets. Okay, let's stop talking rags, let's talk instead abrasion resistance.

Furygan Zeno jacket, far from Zero protection!

Although cotton is nice, you might think that it is less durable than a good old leather jacket. Beware. This furygan Zeno jacket incorporates a high-strength lining, the skin Protect liner specific to the Furygan brand. This lining has been integrated between the comfort lining and the outer textile. His goal ? Optimize resistance to abrasion, tearing or even shearing, in the event of a mess.

Beyond this lining, the furygan Zeno jacket also includes, and always for your protection, d30 shells on shoulders and elbows.

Basically, D30 is a material whose behavior differs depending on the constraints applied to it. If you handle it slowly, then it retains all its flexibility. Good point for everyday comfort. On the other hand, in the event of an impact, it will harden, absorb them, and disperse them. A great performance which places it among the protections which offer the best comfort/safety ratio. Only problem? Unfortunately, no back protector is provided as standard with the jacket. Please note: you can find the furygan back protectors on the Motoblouz website.

Well, let's talk little, talk well, talk comfort. Now that you know that the furygan Zeno jacket is rather reassuring in terms of protection, let's see what it offers in terms of resistance to cold and rain. It first has a polymesh membrane to protect you from the rain. A lining that is also intended to be breathable, to avoid the rather unpleasant sweaty inside/wet outside combo. And against the cold, you can count on its removable padded lining. The jacket even has ventilation zips on the chest and back to cool you down in case of extreme heat.

Versatile in the face of the vagaries of the climate, resistant and protective, the furygan Zeno jacket is also very practical on a daily basis since it has a total of 8 pockets. Just that ! In short, this motorcycle jacket, very well thought out, will not let you go. Whether to go to work every day or to go for a walk on the weekend (or vice versa).

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