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Video: Shoei neotec ii helmet

THE shoei Neotec helmet had already entered the ranking of modular high end. But with her youngest, japanese brand Shoei is clearly trying to reach first place... With a few nice optimizations here and there, the shoei Neotec II helmet will undoubtedly soon take over your head.

Revisiting the great classics with the Shoei Neotec II helmet

Goodbye physical helmet to dad. With the modular Shoei Neotec II, we are rather on a design of a young prodigy, much more sporty. We owe this look in particular to the work that has been done on the ventilation... and which gives it a little facelift. But if the brand has worked on this part of the helmet, it is mainly to reduce turbulence.

Air intakes, screen, neckband + bib assembly: everything has been revised to improve silence. With this new compact, and above all encompassing, design, your skull is well isolated from ambient noise. In addition to this shape, it also has insulating foams at ear level, a great classic of road helmets. And while we are visiting the interior, also know that the Neotec II was specially designed to accommodate a sena hands-free kit. Three accommodations are provided, all you have to do is click! Note also that it has a pinlock Max Vision anti-fog system, as well as a micrometric stainless steel buckle for better resistance.

But don't imagine that these new amenities have made him gain weight. On the contrary. The brand has integrated a fiber shell (available in three sizes) to save it a few precious grams.

The icing on the bike, the Shoei neotec ii take advantage of the double approval. And yes, whether you are in jet mode or full mode, you can ride in complete peace of mind... Isn't life beautiful? Shoei owes this double approval to a chin guard locking system more successful in the open position.

In short, you understood it, with the shoei Neotec II helmet, the Japanese brand redefines the standards of comfort, and particularly affects motorcyclists who do not skimp on the kilometers.

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