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Video: Shark evoline s3 dual touch headset

You think you already know the shark Evoline S3 helmet ? This is in fact the third generation of the famous modular helmet of the shark brand, THE Evoline. Hence its little name, S3 meaning 3rd in the series. Let's see what new, beautiful things it brings you.

3rd in a series of successes: the Shark Evoline S3 helmet

Seeing the success of its famous Evoline helmet, the Shark brand took on the challenge of producing better: the 3rd in the series, the shark Evoline S3 helmet. It is always a modular helmet whose chin guard tilts 180° to the rear. The advantage is that the helmet offers no wind resistance when riding in Jet mode. This is made possible thanks to its screen control system, auto-up. A little difficult to get to grips with, it's true, but the auto-up system proves rather practical over time. Concretely, it allows you to raise the screen as soon as you switch to jet mode, so that you can switch the chin guard without difficulty.

But let's move on to what really interests us: what does it have more than its predecessors?

Let's instead talk about what he has less, since this injected helmet mostly lost weight. Today it reaches approximately 1700g, value comparable to the competition. We also notice, in the changes, a comfortable interior which offers better support on long journeys. Comfortable interior also for bikers with glasses. It actually has the system Shark easy fit allowing you to easily pass the temples of your frames.

Besides that, the shark Evoline S3 helmet also benefits from the positive aspects of its predecessors. What we remember above all is its double approval. Késako ? This double approval allows it to be approved on the roads when it is closed in mode integral (like all modular ones), and also when it is opened in jet mode. And that, we can say, is impressive, and above all it allows it to stand out from the competition.

The only criticism we can make of it, according to the opinions of our customers, is its soundproofing… which leaves something to be desired high speed. The price may be its elaborate opening mechanism. This criticism aside, we can only emphasize its comfort, its practicality with its 180° chin strap, and its versatility. THE shark Evoline S3 helmet suitable for motorcyclists looking for a good helmet all-purpose !

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