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Video: Segura lady nygma jacket

There is no doubt: the french brand Segura knows how to do it with leather. The proof is once again with the segura Lady Nygma jacket. A leather jacket with a retro cut, and modern amenities, don't worry. A stylish, well-finished, and above all protective jacket... For demanding bikers.

Segura Lady Nygma jacket: quality, for you ladies!

Notice to all bikers who love old bikes and beautiful products, this segura Lady Nygma jacket has something to charm you. Above all, its retro look – but not too much – worked down to the smallest detail by the French brand (which we know is renowned). THE segura Lady Nygma jacket sports a buffalo leather. And its large inserts, in black tones, do not lie about the quality of the product.

We are on a fitted cut, rather feminine, but above all pleasant to carry on your bike. Close to the body, you can ride peacefully (without being hampered in your movements) and warm. Attention to detail, segura brand also asserts it with these aged metal zips, these matching buttons and the adjustable belt with these two old-fashioned buckles. In short, in terms of looks, there's no denying it: fans of well-finished leathers will appreciate it.

What about protection then?

Because let's not forget that it is a leather jacket… designed to protect you on the road and from the cold. Let us first note its protective equipment: the traditional shells on shoulders and elbows. Moreover, the location of the elbow cups can be adjusted according to your arm. Well seen ! Segura has also added a pocket dedicated to holding a back protector (unfortunately, not available as standard). All this allows segura Lady Nygma jacket to be cE certified as PPE. Not only does it make you look good, but it also protects you in case of a mess. It's all good.

Finally, this women's jacket is also armed to protect you from the cold. It has a full insulated lining (i.e. with sleeves) and removable, to ride with complete peace of mind this winter. On the other hand, for the rain... That's another story. Ok, the leather is resistant to light rain. However, when you are faced with a downpour, the leather risks suffering. To limit the damage, it is better to protect it with a special leather water-repellent treatment which will delay the inconvenience.

And don't forget: it's good to regularly take care of your leather. Even more so if it is stylish and quality equipment like this, well finished and protective.

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  1. Dorothée Jouenne october 16, 2017 at 10:27 Answer

    Good morning,

    It is a shame that “large sizes” are almost systematically forgotten by manufacturers.
    However, there is strong demand. I know something about this, seeing the number of biker women dressed as “truck drivers” with men's jackets because they can't find anything right in their size.

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