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Video: HJC rpha 70 helmet

In the catalog of korean manufacturer HJC, it is not only the RPHA 11. New for 2017, the hJC RPHA 70 helmet is ready (and super equipped) to dethrone his brother in the category sport-tourism. This full face helmet has been specially designed for long walks... with a few sporting interludes. We present it to you.

HJC RPHA 70 helmet: for sporty bikers… attentive to comfort

Between the road helmet, focused on comfort and pleasure, and sports helmet focused on performance, HJC was unable to make a choice. Thus, the hJC RPHA 70 helmet offers the best of both worlds to appeal to sporty bikers looking for a minimum of comfort.

Comfort? Yes, with a weight of 1,300 grams, this full-face helmet will take care of your neck. Even after long walks. This weight, the hJC RPHA 70 helmet owes it to his composite fiber shell. In addition to being very light, it benefits from good resistance. But we don't stop there! To tackle miles, the latest from HJC is also equipped with a internal sunscreen, very practical, an elaborate air circulation system and a pinlock lens series. Clever.

Another new feature: the hJC RPHA 70 helmet is equipped with a double-D loop. Don't know how to use it? Take a look at the video, we have a quick tutorial for you.

To crown the whole your skull, gently, HJC has also worked well on the inside of its helmet. We already have a removable and washable interior. Although it is antibacterial treated foams, you can take them apart to wash them properly after miles on the roads. And for your safety: the helmet finally has an emergency extraction system (but we hope you won't need it).

In short, from Sunday walks to long trips, including a few outings on the track: this new hJC RPHA 70 helmet will follow you everywhere. It's hard not to be tempted!

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