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VIDEO: Shift Whit3 cross boots

Let things be clear: with the shift Whit3 cross boots, there shift brand send it heavy! It's simple, this news cross boots brilliantly combine style and protection… without impacting your wallet. Something to delight fans of cross and enduro. Compact look, flawless design, available in 4 colors: the Whit3, also known as White Label, do not lack charisma. But style is not their only asset. Innovation and protection are also in the race.

New Shift Whit3 cross boots: they're great!

Let’s talk a little about innovation. THE shift Whit3 cross boots feature a unique closing system. In addition to the 2 traditional micrometric buckles, the White Label integrates a patented silicone clip. This allows good freedom of movement during piloting phases, and also has the advantage of easily closing during non-piloting phases. Little extra: this attachment is adjustable to 4 positions to better adapt to your calf size.

The White Labels were designed in a synthetic leather, outside. Synthetic leather has two advantages on the field: 1. it resists abrasion very well, 2. it requires little maintenance. As a result, it is particularly suitable if you are the type to just have a jet after the race. On the interior side, the shift Whit3 cross boots display a rubber sign. What interest ? This rubber allows you to hold your bike in place in the event of jumps or delicate maneuvers, where grip is essential. In addition, rubber has the advantage of resisting wear better than leather. And it finally protects you from the heat of the pot.

Afterwards, if we have to go around to the owner regarding protection, the list is long: shins, malleolus, heels, toes, selectors… All the most fragile parts of the foot are under high protection (TPU reinforcements). The sole even incorporates a internal steel rod to avoid potential rollover of the foot.

If you are looking for a pair of cross boots at a low price but with great protection: the shift Whit3 cross boots enter the race!

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