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Video: Dexter izoard helmet

If you are looking for a full face helmet offering a good value for money, you are on the good road. Let's discover together the dexter Izoard helmet, replacing the Neutron. Practical, protective, comfortable and accessible at a low price: the latest integral from Dexter don't go wrong.

Daily practicality with the Dexter Izoard helmet

THE dexter Izoard helmet was designed by the Dexter teams to meet your needs, and offer you a motorcycle equipment practical on a daily basis. Result, it brings together the essentials!

To begin with, it has a integrated and retractable sunscreen. One of the pieces of equipment we are asked for the most on integral bikes. Activate the pull tab with your left hand, and that's it: you can ride in the sun without difficulty. In addition, this screen has an anti-scratch treatment to increase its durability. And to ride... without the sun, in the event of a drop in temperature, know that the dexter Izoard helmet is also equipped with a pinlock lens series.

What is it for ? To avoid excess fogging! The Pinlock is an accessory made from a hydro-repellent material, which prevents fog from attaching to your screen. The big shots on the road are yours.

Always with the idea of ​​increasing your comfort, the dexter Izoard helmet has multiple ventilations that you can easily operate, from the outside, even with gloves. And inside? The Izoard was designed in a fabric with anti-bacterial treatment (for optimal aging), which is also retractable and washable.

Finally, we take stock of security. With the dexter Izoard helmet, you are in good hands since under its injected shell, a multi-density polystyrene shell ensures good shock absorption. Accessible for less than €98.33, as we told you, the latest from Dexter offers you the essentials... at a very low price! Perfect if you look for a helmet integral for everyday riding.

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