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Video: tcx x- Five gore-tex® boots

What you expect from a good pair of motorcycle boots ? Comfort, waterproofing and protection. THE tCX X- Five boots GORE-TEX® were designed with this in mind. As a result, everyone who tried them adopted them. Come on, let's present you in detail these TCX which will appeal to bikers who are fans of the great classics.

Test, and approve, the TCX X- Five GORE-TEX® boots

Leather is the only thing that's real. Especially since here, we are on the cream of leather, the full grain leather. The main advantage of leather is that it ages well... Well, as long as you take care of it. But it’s true that it gains in flexibility and style over time. Apart from this leather, which ensures resistance and good sealing, what these offer us tCX X- Five GORE-TEX® boots ?

Enough to further increase this tightness, this resistance, and this comfort.

For comfort, the italian brand added gussets, at the front and rear of the foot, to improve flexion. On the other hand, and inside this time, we also note the presence of a anatomical insole which increases your comfort.

TCX also added GORE-TEX® to protect your feet from the cold, and especially from the rain. You should know that GORE-TEX®, a microporous membrane, is one of the most effective solutions for ensuring a good seal, while allowing the foot to breathe. No hammam in summer in these boots: thanks to GORE-TEX®, your feet breathe.

Finally for resistance, and above all for your protection, the tCX X- Five GORE-TEX® boots were equipped with reinforcements: malleolus, heels, shins, toes... Everyone is well protected. Also note that these motorcycle boots have a sacrosanct selector protector. All this also allows them to benefit from a cE certification.

So, are the TCX X- Five GORE-TEX® boots perfect? Perhaps their small flaw lies in the grip of the sole... Be careful with hydrocarbons, they don't always prove to be super stable. That said, if you look for good boots on a daily basis and for long journeys: they fulfill their mission perfectly!

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