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Video: HJC rpha 11 helmet

THE hJC Rpha 11 helmet, it's the sports helmet who takes the lead in part of the MotoGP field. In the good sense of the word of course. And that's why we wanted to present it to you in more detail, and on video, today. Well known circuits, let's see what the HJC looks outside (on the road, of course).

The HJC Rpha 11 helmet, at the “head” of the circuits!

THE Rpha 11, basically, it's a sports helmet quality and not too expensive. Well, we still remain at the top of the basket. If he leads many MotoGP riders, there is a reason. To be more precise, there are even 5: the hJC Rpha 11 helmet is light, well ventilated, ultra-protective, and it also has a 2D screen and a double-D loop.

Most of his qualities come from his pIM cap. What is it about ?
A composite material that superimposes several layers of high-tech fibers (such as fiberglass, aramid, and whatnot). Thus, it benefits from a featherweight (1300 g. to be precise), and a super shock absorption capacity. On the design side, the hJC Rpha 11 helmet was worked in a wind tunnel to hold up well even at high speed. And while we are in the “breath”: the ventilation, also of good quality, will give you good ventilation throughout the race.

Finally the 2D screen... It's basically a flat screen. This form, specific to racing helmets, limits optical distortions. A big advantage at more than 200 km/h (on a circuit, of course)! Another thing: this form of screen makes it easier to set up tear-offs, which are essential at the start of certain races. Of course, it is also equipped with a PinLock lens to avoid the inconvenience of fogging, and HJC even thought of delivering the helmet with a second screen, smoked this time. Thus, it becomes lighter (without sunscreen) but can be used daily in sunny weather.

And the noise?

This sporty helmet has been designed for 1. lightness and 2. ventilation. So it’s true that soundproofing takes second place. But opinions are unanimous: it remains within the sound average of its competitors. The noise is bearable on a daily basis... But for long journeys, it is better to trust good hearing protection.

In short, if you are looking for a good helmet, THE hJC Rpha 11 helmet will captivate fans of sports cars looking for performance. A sure value in short, at an affordable price what's more.

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