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Video: Shark d-skwal helmet

In video, discover a new 2017 product from the French brand, Shark. New for 2017, yes, but the latest one actually takes on all the specific features of its big brother, the SKWAL, of which we have already spoken to you here. Its difference? A bit more accessible in terms of wallet. We will not complain. In addition, the shark D-SKWAL helmet sports a modern, sleek, aerodynamic design. It is easily recognizable, without falling into the too much. A good point.

Outside, with its injected thermoplastic shell (see our motorcycle helmet buying guide for more information), it has the advantage of being super light. Less than 1.5kg to be exact. Inside, with its bamboo fiber, you feel like you're in a cocoon: antibacterial, anti-sweat and hypoallergenic foams.

The Shark D-SKWAL helmet, French sobriety and elegance

THE shark D-SKWAL helmet can quickly become your new traveling companion for everyday use. Indeed, it is intended to be ultra-practical: anti-fog lens Pinlock® max vision, extra large sunscreen, ventilation optimized for silence, position antifog to let a trickle of air pass through… Or even system EASYFIT specially developed for bikers with glasses. This system makes it possible to put on this full face helmet, glasses on the nose, without worrying.

Well, on the other hand, it will take you a few weeks for putting it on to be a little less sporty... Because between the foam, and the fairly tight collar, you feel like you're in a cocoon yes, but also and above all good surrounded. Safe, and a little cramped. The advantage is that this collar like the new Autoseal system, which allows the screen to be placed as closely as possible on the helmet, provides very good soundproofing and good waterproofing. A cocoon, we told you.

To conclude, the shark D-SKWAL helmet is ideal for those looking for a versatile and well-designed headset… accessible on a low budget. In short, we recommend it with your eyes closed (except on the road!).

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