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Video: Rev'IT Williamsburg jacket

Rev It is still a stunning brand! With the rev It Williamsburg jacket, we think we are on a classic parka, but no, this one also protects against bad weather... and asphalt. Between parka and motorcycle equipment: the rev It brand didn't want to choose. As a result, we end up with a motorcycle jacket which can be worn both at work and on the road.

The Williamsburg remains a city jacket for urban and peri-urban environments. Rather practical for going to work without looking like a gP driver. Outside… it’s up to you. Let's not forget that this is a Rev It . So the level of quality is optimum, and has nothing to envy of others motorcycle equipment. Little extra: we are still above the question fitting.

And on the road, what does the Rev It Williamsburg jacket look like?

As we said, Rev It offers us an… improved parka. The Williamsburg, specially developed for the road, is ready to keep us safe. It has a hydratex® membrane, waterproof and breathable, and a removable full insulating lining (sleeve and bust). Protected from the cold, that’s for sure! On the other hand, in the absence of real ventilation, you risk being a little hot in the middle of August. The hood is also well thought out: removable, you can remove it when you switch from pedestrian mode to biker mode.

Precisely, in biker mode, the Rev It Williamsburg jacket has seesmart level 1 thin cases, elbows and shoulders (CE approved). Ultra-flexible, they are completely forgotten, even in pedestrian mode. This motorcycle jacket also of course has a pocket to hold the seesoft RV type back protector. Finally, on the material side, we are on double layer polycotton. It is actually a blend of cotton and polyester. This material mainly has an aesthetic purpose... But it resists abrasion and tearing well, at least at ring speeds.

With its multiple pockets, interior and exterior, we see that this jacket has clearly been well thought out. Budget-wise, nothing to say. The Williamsburg parka protects you against the cold and the road, without putting a hole in your wallet.

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