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Video: ProV Skud cross helmet

There proV brand proves to us – no pun intended – that you can find a fully equipped cross helmet even on a tight budget. This ProV helmet won't dent your wallet, without having to compromise on your safety or design. Moreover, in terms of looks, here is one which does not hide its penchant for cross : sharp angles, protruding edges, aggressive lines. This stylish look goes hand in hand with its ergonomics, designed for all-terrain use. In fact, the ProV Skud cross helmet is compatible with neck brace type cervical collars, and its wide facial opening accommodates all sizes of cross mask.

At the head of all-terrain: the Cross ProV Skud helmet?

On the crown side, two things to remember. Her polycarbonate shell minimizes its weight and maximizes your protection. Two rather good characteristics to take when you have to concentrate on the field. To help you be forgotten, the Skud is equipped with comfortable foam which provides good support. Another good point, they are removable and washable. Even if off-roading doesn't save you from mud and dust, you can spare yourself from it every time you start again.

The second thing to remember is these two cap sizes to avoid the light bulb effect. Yes, because a single shell size means, for an XS helmet, a disproportionate look. There, you are sure to find a helmet size adapted to your head and your size.

Little extra: with its air intakes under the chin guard and at forehead level, the ProV Skud cross helmet ensures you don't run out of air. Even on the ground. Finally, its large visor which once again asserts its cross style, is also easily adjustable and removable. All this, at a super affordable price! If you don't know which cross helmet choose to start, we can only recommend the Skud... which will prove itself.

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