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Video: Dainese assen jacket

For its new 2017 products, Dainese did not turn a blind eye to quality. Rather reassuring for this jacket that we would wear well on the circuit. The latest arrival on the track, the Dainese Assen jacket is straight into first position in the finishing and protection categories. I would almost call it a high-end jacket, but that's up to you to judge.

Sleek design and optimal protection: the Dainese Assen jacket is displayed on the track and off the track (whatever the season)

At premier glance: we recognize the touch of Dainese stylists, what we had already felt when looking at the Veloster. With its patchwork of materials and colors, we know that the Assen is a track jacket... but one that we can also imagine wearing on the road. Moreover, a connecting zip has been provided to join the jacket to protective pants. Essential on the track, it also provides you with maximum protection in the event of a mishap on the roads. In terms of colors, several assortments are available, but always in black, white, red*, favorite colors of the Italian brand.

Speaking of fetish (or almost), the Dainese Assen displays soft and fine leather, pleasant to the touch and to wear. Its big plus? Dainese has added areas of elastic textile along and under the arms, and around the shoulders. As a result, you gain flexibility and ease, whatever the position. Rather intelligent for this type of jacket which likes to be displayed alongside sports motorcycles. These elastic inserts allow good freedom of movement, even if you stay on a close-fitting cut. Note: the brand, like all Italian brands, tends to run small. To avoid making a mistake, you can always rely on our tables below each product.

On the protection side, this leather jacket has CE certified shells on the shoulders and elbows – maximum length. There are also aluminum inserts at the shoulders to add a touch of protection. And yes, you can never be too careful. For the back, to be added as an option, a pocket has of course been provided. The jacket is also compatible with g1 and G2 models. Last little thing, the Dainese Assen has been EPI certified. If that’s not a guarantee of quality! For all the details, I'll let you watch my video.

*black, white, red. 

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