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Which motorcycle helmet to choose when you are a woman?

how to choose a women's motorcycle helmet?

Male or female, there is no gender distinction when it comes to security. The helmet is one of the compulsory equipment in France, and on a motorcycle, just like gloves... And it is true that it is difficult to imagine today riding without this protective equipment (at least, in France; there are still countries where the practice is common). Ladies, here we have everything you need to choose the best helmet for you, premier element of protection on your bike!

Can you use a men's motorcycle helmet when you are a woman?

As we said, there is no gender distinction when it comes to security. As a result, there is no big difference between a helmet in the men's section and another women's section. Especially since, and it is important to emphasize this, the human skull does not present any difference between men and women... Each skull is unique, regardless of gender.

That said, some brands offer motorcycle helmets for women. What's different about them? Overall, they will be smaller (accessible to smaller sizes – from XXS for example), will be lighter (we come back to this below), and of course… They will display different decorations and styles. Yes, potentially (and unfortunately) pink and flowers for us, Women.

At Motoblouz , we do not make a distinction between men and women. To find the helmet that suits you, go to the category motorcycle helmets, and make your choice. The only essential thing, as we will see below, is to choose a helmet of suitable size.

Polycarbonate screen which offers an optimal field of vision, anti-scratch and anti-fog, suede leather interior, quilted appearance with beautiful stitching...

The requirements in terms of motorcycle helmets (for women and men)

1. Choose a helmet of the right size: which size to choose?

The size of the helmet affects your comfort, your driving and your safety. It is essential to choose the right size helmet so as not to hinder you while driving, and so that it offers you the best protection (a helmet that is too large will be more likely to slip, reduce your field of vision or even escape in the event of an impact) . Unfortunately, what doesn't help is that all brands size differently... What helps, however, are the size guides on the Motoblouz product sheets. You will be asked to measure the circumference of your head, approximately 2.5 cm above the eyebrows, passing over the ears, using a tape measure (or failing that, a piece of rope or thread , and a ruler) and refer to the size guide table.

Please note: if you are hesitating between two sizes, we recommend taking the smaller size because over time, the internal foams tend to settle and mold themselves to the shape of your face.

Generally, brands offer several different helmet sizes (some offer a wider range than others), they also sometimes offer several shell/shell sizes.

Once on your head, how do you know if your helmet is the right size?

It should squeeze you without preventing you from breathing, you should feel compressed but not have pain in the temples (or have another painful compression point). Your helmet must offer good balance all around the skull and regular protection. When closed, the headset follows your head movements without moving. A helmet of the right size will leave a nice mark on the forehead the first time you wear it! (but it will pass, rest assured). Moreover, we also recommend the finger test when trying on your helmet: if your index finger passes between your forehead and the helmet, the latter is too big. Finally, remember that a helmet should be tested with your glasses, if you wear them.

The Astone SUPER RETRO helmet worn, accompanied by the DEXTER BINOCLE mask

2. Choose a helmet that meets standards: how do you know if a helmet is approved?

Another essential element, of course, is its approval on the roads. To find out if your women's motorcycle helmet is ok, it must include:

  • cE marking
  • the standard number, ECE 22.06 of 2023
  • the name of the manufacturer, brand, model…

How to choose the right women's motorcycle helmet?

Well, as we said, it is important to first choose a women's motorcycle helmet which meets the obligations, approvals, and of suitable size. We have seen above how to go about choosing the right size and checking its approval. Let's come back here to the other decisive elements when choosing your protective helmet.

A matter of weight

Beyond the size, for your driving comfort, pay attention to the weight of the helmet. A helmet that is too heavy impacts your neck and can cause pain while driving. As a result, uncomfortable driving means unpleasant driving and not really safe. Also, if movements are slowed down or even complicated because of a helmet that is too heavy, your safety is once again at stake. To drive at your best, choose a helmet weight that is bearable.

From one brand to another, from one model to another and from one material to another (carbon fiber is known to be lighter than plastic or fiberglass): the weight of the helmet can vary. On the Motoblouz product sheets, you will always find an indication of the weight of the helmet... And if you do not know what the appropriate weight is, do not hesitate to compare according to the models (and choose the lightest for example) or read customer reviews and associated essays.

Full face, jet, modular: choose a type of helmet based on your use

We were talking about weight, know that the type of helmet itself impacts the weight:

  • a jet helmet is considered lighter, around 1200 – 1500 g (it must also be said that a good part of the helmet, compared to a full face, is missing)
  • a modular helmet (with tilt system on the chin) is generally heavier than a full face helmet (around 1600 – 1800 g or even more for modular ones)
  • the off-road helmet is located between the two, between the full face and the jet

However, we are not necessarily going to choose a cross helmet to go to work on a scooter in the morning... The choice of helmet type also depends on your practice. THE jet helmet is generally more suitable for urban/peri-urban environments, and for scooters; the integral (better soundproofed, better protection) is suitable for road trips, walks, and for daily use; the modular helmet generally offers something in between.

A word of advice: for motorcycle license training, schools generally recommend a full-face helmet (more coverage).

Driving comfort

Size and weight are not the only elements that affect your driving comfort. You can also pay attention

  • helmet ventilation systems (important in summer but also in winter because we like to ride with mist)
  • the screen, or screens (the field of vision, the sunscreen, the Pinlock?)
  • are the foams detachable or not? Detachable foams are always a plus… because they can be washed! And riding in a clean helmet, seemingly nothing, has a lot to do with your comfort.

Once on the roads, one last element can also affect your comfort, and that is soundproofing. Your helmet should not isolate you from the road but should still limit wind noise... Do not hesitate to read the comments and helmet tests, particularly on #EnjoyTheRide, to find out what the selected model is like , whether the headset is noisy or not.

With all this, you have all the elements to choose your women's motorcycle helmet. I would also like to repeat that, in case of doubt, you will find more information on the helmets for use in the comments on the Motoblouz product sheets or even in the user tests. Also don't forget that Motoblouz allows you free returns. So if the helmet you ordered is not suitable, you can always exchange it! Good road.

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