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Prepa Enduropale: The refueling stand checklist

Between the preparation of the motorcycle, the road, the installation on site, the technical inspection, etc. participating in a sand race requires a lot of organization. To make things easier for you, we review all the equipment needed for the refueling stand, along with the checklist to download and print so you don't forget anything!

Arbor: A mini workshop on site

The arbor remains essential to protect the equipment and the team from bad weather, but also to demarcate your space on a densely populated paddock .

The regulations require you to display your race numbers on the arbors or stands. You must display your number(s) there (on a sheet or directly on the bib if it is not used).

Equipment to provide:

  • Fire extinguisher: it is mandatory for understandable security reasons
  • Arbor: A must have to protect yourself in style
  • Motoblouz carpet : The environmental mat is also part of the mandatory equipment to limit soil pollution
  • 20L jerrycan : For refueling
  • Camping table: Ideal for storing food and accessories that the pilot will need during his visit.
  • Blow gun and brush: A classic for chasing away the sand that gets everywhere.
  • Paper towel and/or rags: To degrease a part, clean, dry your hands, etc. A bucket lined with a garbage bag is very useful for receiving the waste produced.
  • Motorcycle lift : The base to stabilize the motorcycle and operate comfortably on it.
  • Paneling kit with markers and cloth: So that the team can effectively inform the driver about the situation, his positioning and his times.

Also remember to bring a cart or a hand truck to transport all your gear more easily.

Honda Motoblouz SR team rider at refueling during a race

No time to look for your things, everything must be ready and within reach – Photo Mediacross

Pilot: It’s all in anticipation

For refueling to go smoothly, the pilot must organize his things on the table. He will just have to help himself when he arrives without having to search around and waste time. Everything has its place :

  • Gloves : A spare pair of gloves. You'll be happy to leave with clean, dry and intact gloves.
  • Glasses : Same. Prepare them well in advance so you don't have to rush, for example to install a new roll of roll-off film.
  • Nutrition / Hydration
    • Food: provide a simple food that does not stick in the mouth, such as a cereal bar, a banana to alleviate cramps, etc.
    • A bottle of water as well as an isotonic drink.

Also remember to take with you a pair of roll-off glasses spare ready to use in a fanny pack belted at the waist. A mask that gives up the ghost is very debilitating!

Motoblouz motocross environmental mat

The regulation makes the environmental mat compulsory

Tools: Final adjustments and emergency interventions

To prepare the motorcycle before the race or intervene quickly to carry out a small repair during refueling, a few tools and a little equipment will be essential.

Take a quick look at the key sizes and tools specific to your motorcycle: between a KTM and a Yamaha, certain tools are incompatible.

Motocross maintenance in a workshop

As in the workshop, having the right tools available is essential

Motorcycle parts: Anticipate the worst

Given the density of traffic on a race like the Enduropale, breakage happens quite frequently. Keep a few fairly displayed pieces on hand.


Download the complete checklist to print


Don’t hesitate to tell us about the elements that you think are essential in the comments!

Featured photo: Mediacross

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