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Young license: Everything you need to know to choose your first motorcycle insurance

It constrains the choice of the first motorcycle and severely drains your budget already well wrung out by the license, the motorcycle and the equipment... Motorcycle insurance is a bit of the bane of the young license. However, your premier insurance contract could well save your day one day... Choice of two wheels, essential guarantees, points to watch out for, etc. : here is some good advice gleaned from the Mutuelle des Motards to help you make an informed choice!

Choosing an insurable motorcycle

Probably the best approach to finding motorcycle insurance easily and inexpensively! Do not buy your motorcycle without checking that it is compatible with the A2 license, that insurers will agree to insure it and that you can cover the premium (the amount of your monthly contributions). In this little game, the sports cars and the big cubes will make you spit in the basin - if you can manage them... Conversely, the 500 and 600 cm³ (or less) naturally developing less than 95 horsepower before bridle have their card to play. Be careful with “old” motorcycles restricted to 34 horsepower which, once unrestricted, can sometimes exceed 95 horsepower and are therefore not compatible.

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Motorcycle leather careWise advice and feedback from two seasoned motorcyclists on a selection of two-wheelers perfect for A2 licenses and for their insurer!
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Why is young license motorcycle insurance so expensive?

The price, the angry subject! It must be said that general insurance companies do not shine with their kindness towards young drivers... If you have just obtained your A2 license but you are already well established in life, have a house, a car or even some investments already under the mandate of an insurer, there is no doubt, they will easily agree to insure you and will not murder you on the amount of the premium. It would be a shame to send you to subscribe elsewhere!
On the contrary, if you are a young driver, you still live with your parents and your motorcycle will be your only vehicle, then you represent little interest to him, and therefore expect a price to match.

Young license motorcycle insurance

Some two-wheelers are easier to insure than others

Choosing the cheapest motorcycle insurance, such a good idea?

Motorcycle insurance for young people is often expensive, therefore. But at the same time, the purchase price should not be your main criterion of choice... Between a Honda CB 125 and a Ducati Panigale V4, will you choose solely based on the price? In the same way, two insurance quotes with discordant prices almost certainly include different guarantees. It is the guarantees offered by the contracts that you should look into as a priority before subscribing. Generally, the choice of economy is regretted at the time of the accident, so avoid falling into the fad of the online insurance comparator!

Young license motorcycle insurance: third party or all risks?

Third-party insurance only includes civil liability (RC), the only compulsory guarantee. Concretely, if you are responsible for the accident, third-party insurance logically only covers the damage you cause to others. Repairs to your motorcycle will therefore remain your responsibility.

Motorcycle insurance equipment guarantee

An option to reimburse your equipment? And why not…

By the time the driver takes control of his machine and learns to assess the dangers of his road environment, the risk of getting into trouble, even a small one (such as falling while stationary), remains high. We therefore advise you to opt for comprehensive insurance. To be exact, we are talking about “all accident damage” (DTA) insurance. Not all risks are in fact covered: voluntary acts (vengeful kick in the door, etc.) are not covered, for example. Ask your insurer what the “warranty exclusions” are before signing.

The essential guarantees of your insurance contract

We have already discussed DTA above; here are other criteria that should be included in your formula.

  • Civil liability: although bodily damage to third parties is not limited, this is however the case for the amount relating to material damage. Favor the highest amounts possible. Because it can quickly figure out if your motorcycle is the cause of a fire in a building, for example. Beyond the limit that the insurer applies, it is the Compulsory Damage Insurance Guarantee Fund (FGAO), in other words the State which will take over. And rest assured that it will work against you to make you contribute as much as possible.
  • The body guarantee: It covers everything from boo-boo to lifelong disability. Check that it protects well, and that the payment intervention threshold is as low as possible. This threshold defines at what level of disability reimbursement is paid; the higher it is, the more serious (serious?) reason will be required for the insurance to pay you…
  • The flight option: If you live in a large metropolis, especially in a neighborhood renowned in this area, it is highly recommended. Pay attention to the insurer's requirements for theft protection. Some insurance companies can contribute to the purchase of anti-theft devices or GPS trackers, a welcome help when you are a young driver. Find out.
Motorcycle insurance guaranteed theft

Being insured against theft does not exclude using an anti-theft device – See our SRA approved locks

Good guarantees to take if you can

  • Support: It is not always possible to recover your immobilized motorcycle, particularly if the driver himself is injured. This is the purpose of the assistance: it can take it from the scene of the disaster to the garage's premises, or to your home if the motorcycle garage charges "guarding fees" per day. It also works for breakdowns. Good to know: “0 kilometer assistance” in the event of a breakdown (taken care of by the assistance at your location) is not systematic, here too, find out more.
  • The equipment guarantee: The insurance will replace your equipment damaged by the accident, sometimes up to an amount of €983.33. If applicable, keep your invoices carefully. Good to know: not all insurers offer this option, and it can sometimes be conditional on another option.
  • The accessories option: If your two-wheeler is richly equipped, it could be interesting. Good to know: keep your invoices carefully to be reimbursed.


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