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Bagster tank bag: Which fixing system to choose?

When we think of Bagster , we often stick to the good old tank mat. However, the French brand has many other tricks up its sleeve when it comes to attaching luggage to its tank. A brief overview of the solutions offered by the French brand!

Bagster d-line Nitro bag

A magnetic Bagster bag

Magnetic pads: The stand-alone solution

A holding system that is both super easy to use and whose reliability is recognized. Unfortunately, we can no longer qualify it as universal since it logically only concerns motorcycles equipped with sheet metal tanks. And these are becoming increasingly rare on the market…
There are natively magnetic bags or universal bags on which you just need to adapt a magnetic Tabs kit.

Budget : Included in the price of the magnetic Bagster tank bags, or €16.62 for the Magnetic Tabs kit


The Bagster tank protection which also acts as a support

A Bagster tank protector on a BMW S1000R

Bagster tank mat: Practical and protective

It's true, Bagster has made a name for itself in the tank mat. Always developed to measure for each motorcycle model then manufactured using French materials in the brand's Normandy factory - this is rare enough to be noted - this type of support remains a sure value! The main advantage is that in addition to carrying panniers, the Bagster tank mat protects this organ, which is both prominent and expensive, from external aggression. The zip of your jacket or the accidental wrench will now leave him unmoved.
Let's also add aesthetic added value, with an accessory appreciated by some because it enhances the motorcycle. I grant you, on this one, it's a pure question of taste.

Bagster Universal motorcycle tank bag

A universal Bagster tank bag with traditional Tabs kit

On a tank protector, so-called traditional saddlebags lock using “binder” clips. It holds well and is easy to unlock.
As for the magnetic system, with a traditional Tabs kit, you can also adapt the manufacturer's universal bags to its tank protectors (€13.67)

Budget : From €127.83


The Bagster Easy Road support on a roadster

The Bagster Easy Road support on a roadster

Bagster easy: universal

In a way a light version of the tank mat, suitable for all tank shapes. You strap this support once and for all on your motorcycle and you will now only have to clip your traditional bag (with satchel clips) or your universal bag.
The system Bagster Easy is available in Road and Trail versions to adapt to different tank morphologies.

Budget : Less than €29.50


Bagster lock'n'start

The Bagster Lock'n'Start binding with a compatible bag

Lock'n Start: Discreet and easy

The latest addition to the Bagster fastening systems is called Lock'n Start. This replacement for the late Baglocker (with which it remains compatible) has gained in reliability and ease of installation.
The Lock'n Start is a rigid support to attach around your fuel flap. Compatible bags clip into place with one press, while you have to unlock the system by pulling on the small red strap to remove it.
Made of reinforced polypropylene, the support is supplied with a set of screws intended to replace the original screws on your tank flap. Its different notches offer compatibility with no less than 130 machines. A wide range, although it is better to check the compatibility of your motorcycle on our product sheet before ordering

Lock'n'start bagster assembly

The Lock'n'start is compatible with more than 130 motorcycles

Mounting ? Child's play, just two minutes. Unlike the tank protector, the support is very discreet when no bag is in place.
A remote version is also intended for certain trails, when the position of the Bagster tank bag with the standard support could affect the steering angle of the motorcycle.

Budget : Less than €14.75


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