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Sun, rain: Which cross mask is best suited?

On the circuit, the weather is not just a question of terrain quality and thermal comfort. When the sun is strong, glare threatens you, with the safety risks it poses. And conversely, in the rain, visibility can quickly deteriorate, especially if your roll-off breaks.
The good news is that with the right cross mask, these problems can easily be avoided. Follow the leader !

Leatt 6.5 velocity mask

The iridium screen, classy and efficient – Leatt Velocity 6.5 Iriz Mask – Red teal bronze 2020

Great sun: Iridium smoked screen

Too much light leads to eye fatigue, or even dazzling, which is not desirable when you are riding shoulder to shoulder in the middle of a peloton or passing a table... Opt for a cross mask with smoked screen, which will bring you a significant gain in comfort and will limit this type of risk. The Iridium finish of the screen is a plus, both for the look and for reducing ambient light. And an anti-reflective treated screen like that of the leatt Velocity 6.5 Iriz mask, it's even better for your perception of the environment!

Crystal screen with pins and Roll-Off 100% Accuri Forcast Tornado mask

Rain: Spiked crystal screen and Roll-Off

The injected screen offers several advantages. First, it offers optical quality above the rest (many prescription glasses lenses are made of injected polycarbonate). And then it allows significant molding finesse ensuring more complex shapes. Why am I telling you about this? Because masks with roll-off whose screens are injected generally have pins molded on the surface which allow the roll-off strip to be separated from the screen. A simple but extremely effective solution to prevent surface tensions which block the circulation of the belt when water gets involved. And that generally leads to breakage of the ribbon, or even the case if you force it like a brute!

So to ride in the rain, opt for a roll-off mask with a crystal screen (we haven't found better in low light) and equipped with pins, like the 100% accuri forecast tornado. You will save yourself all this inconvenience!

More covering but consumed more quickly in heavy mud, tear-offs can also do the job. Provided that you drive on a closed circuit, where they remain approved.

Does a cross mask protect against UV rays?

High doses of ultraviolet are harmful to the eye, it must be remembered. Manufacturers of cross goggles are perfectly aware of this and most goggle models have anti-UV screens. And against all odds, clear screens are also protective against UVA and UVB for the most part. This information is included in our technical sheets!


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Thanks to Josse Sallefranque, manager of team Honda SR Motoblouz

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