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GYSFLASH 1.12 PL battery charger, the best of both worlds

GYS GYSFLASH 1.12 PL motorcycle battery charger connection

Frankly, we would have had this advice engraved in stone, as we thought it was absolute: “Do not try to charge a Lithium battery with a lead battery charger, otherwise you will destroy it! » Surprised by going through the new features of the french battery charger manufacturer GYS : this information is no longer completely true since its GYSFLASH 1.12 PL charger appeared on the market. Imagine that this little technological gem allows you to charge and maintain both types of battery. Better still, it adapts its charging cycles to each individual.

A charger for lead and lithium motorcycle batteries

The GYSFLASH 1.12 PL has two very distinct intelligent charging programs for this, which allow it to support both types of battery. Once connected to the battery and then plugged into the mains, simply select the program corresponding to the battery to charge. To do this, simply press the button on the charger case. After five seconds, the corresponding charging cycle begins.

GYSFLASH 1.12 PL, two specific charge cycles

The GYSFLASH 1.12 PL battery charger benefits from the specific so-called “smart” motorcycle battery chargers. Its charging curves (each adapted to a type of battery) vary voltage and intensity to give a boost to batteries that have lost their vigor. They then proceed to charge the battery. The cycles end with a periodic charge hold. This last step takes care of the battery in the long term, so you can leave the battery connected all winter.

Lead acid batteries

For lead acid batteries, the GYFLASH 1.12 PL also has a special very cold charging mode, and can recharge AGM batteries. Start & Stop. Likewise, if your motorcycle is equipped with a Can Bus, you can use this charger, using an adapter available as an option.

Lithium Batteries

The charging cycle specific to Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries includes a battery cell balancing stage, guaranteeing a better lifespan. Another useful function: some lithium batteries have UVP protection (Under voltage protection). This disconnects the battery in the event of a deep discharge. This protection prevents the charger from detecting the battery. The GYFLASH 1.12 PL charger can still support them. Simply press the mode selection button for 10 seconds to deactivate the protection and begin the charging cycle.

GYS GYSFLASH 1.12 PL motorcycle battery charger

The white button allows you to switch from one mode to another and deactivate the UVP of Lithium Iron Phosphatte batteries

Disadvantages ?

On paper, I don't see any major ones. The price is therefore average. It would even be appropriate to compare this budget to that of two combined competing chargers (one for lead acid batteries, the other for lithium batteries). We could add that if your head is in the air, there is a risk of choosing the wrong mode for your motorcycle's battery. But in this case, you are the disadvantage 😉

Whatever the case, nothing is better than a trial to gain the necessary perspective on the product. Cédric took care of it, supporting video. You will see, he explored the question!

For which motorcyclist, the GYFLASH 1.12 PL battery charger?

This versatile charger is suitable for those who need to charge 12 volt batteries of both types, lithium and lead, installed on motorcycles, scooters, quads and other lawn tractors:

  • 12 V lead acid batteries from 2 Ah to 32 Ah and up to 100 Ah for charge maintenance
  • 12 V lithium batteries from 0.5 Ah to 20 Ah and up to 50 Ah for charge maintenance

Thinking longer term, more and more motorcycles are likely to be equipped with Lithium batteries. With the GYFLASH 1.12 PL, you are sure to be able to manage the battery of your next motorcycle without having to replace the charger.


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