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Choosing your first A2 motorcycle wisely – part 3

In this 3rd and final part of special A2 permit file, Cédric and JbuzZz review the customs, sports and even some electric ones… pretty cool and suitable for young drivers.

You are more connected roadsters or trails ? So, we'll meet you at the 1st part of our file choosing your first motorcycle. And if these are the road and neo-retro that catch your eye, we have selected here the perfect bike to start with.


Low saddles, customs are motorcycles often powered by a V-twin… Historical characteristic of the most emblematic brand in the category: Harley-Davidson. Machines designed for the pleasure of riding without worrying about the rest, where performance takes second place, eclipsed by the sensations provided. Custom is also a state of mind in its own right, which continues even without being on the roads!

1. harley-davidson sportster 883

Model year 2019 gap photography. international only

Cedric's review

THE Sportster 883 is one of the most emblematic machines of the Hinckley brand. Here, the 883 block only loses 4hp when clamping. Suffice to say that you will benefit almost entirely from the motorcycle as it was designed, even to begin with. Big torque on the program, and even if the engine is not the most flexible at low revs, the character is complete. And that’s what we ask of a Harley!

JbuzZzLightYear review

At Harley-Davidson, the models in the 883 range often represent a gateway for beginners. Having tested it, I admit that I was left wanting... The engine offers little sensation and the braking is clearly behind, like the finish.

On the other hand, I will allow myself a little off-topic to tell you briefly about its big sister named Forty Eight. Certainly more expensive, the latter is equipped with the 1200cc engine, much more demonstrative and lively. Bridable in A2, it is on it that I would have chosen as a young license.

2. indian scout sixty

Cedric's review

What an impressive machine this is. Indian scout sixty ! It's impossible not to be in awe of such a machine if you appreciate the genre. This is a surprising motorcycle, easier to access than you might imagine. On the other hand, its size does not make it the most practical in town, and its high price can be problematic in A2.

JbuzZzLightYear review

Totally agree with Cédric, I often find myself drooling over the style badass of the Indian Scout.

In the conflict which traditionally pits it against its competitor Harley-Davidson, the brand acts as an avant-garde. Thus, the V-shaped engine benefits from liquid cooling and the controls are smoother in use. The rear shock absorbers, placed very flat, will however remind you that a custom often requires some sacrifices in terms of comfort...

3. honda cmx 500 rebel

CMX500 Rebel 2017

Cedric's review

Easy to pilot, the Honda cmx 500 rebel takes up the lineage of Japanese customs, more affordable and versatile than American machines. It also uses the CB500 engine whose reliability is well established. On the other hand, it is not the one that will give you the most sensations…

JbuzZzLightYear review

Of the 4 machines in Honda's 500 range, the Rebel is the one that displays the most marked personality. Once on the handlebars, there is no doubt: we are facing a real little custom. The angle of the steering column is slightly open, giving the front axle a slight tendency to engage... For the rest, we find the in-line twin-cylinder with a little too much character. soft and smoothed for a machine of this category.

4. kawasaki vulcan s

Cedric's review

Kawasaki's bet which consisted of designing a custom on the mechanical basis of the ER6 could seem risky, but the Japanese came away with honors. There Kawasaki vulcan s deviates from the basic concept of custom to venture into the side of power cruiser… In light version, but also much more accessible. The ease of the ER6's engine is no longer in doubt and the chassis allows sportier driving than on other motorcycles in the category. An original motorcycle, between the custom and the roadster.

JbuzZzLightYear review

Well, I'll make it short: the Vulcan is not my crazy thing at all. You will tell me, tastes and colors, we know what they are… And you are right! If its plastic doesn't put you off, you will have a machine which takes the engine block from the one which is now called Z650. In short, a proven and rather playful mechanic.


The sports cars available with A2 bridle are often roadsters which adopt a fairing and bracelets instead of the handlebars. With some exceptions, they are not as demanding in terms of driving as more powerful sports cars. Even if the position is often more restrictive. They can therefore be a good way to have fun and get a foot in the world of motorcycle sport in A2!

1. KTM 390 RC

Cedric's review

Probably the one that comes closest to a real high-displacement sports car in its philosophy, the KTM 390 RC requires you to take care of your trajectories to benefit 100% from its excellent cycle.

It is also totally suitable for taking your first laps on the track... And progressing there with a good margin of progress! The engine also found in the Duke 390 offers what is best and most fun to operate, taking into account the limitations of the A2 license.

JbuzZzLightYear review

If I were to take up the track, it would be with her that I would like to learn! The sharp look of its fairings undeniably contrasts with its two globular optics, and the whole thing leaves no one indifferent. Once in the saddle, there is no doubt: the RC390 is a real “little” sportswoman. The forearms are supported on the half-handlebars and the legs are pushed back. As you will have understood, to familiarize yourself with the very particular position required by a sports car, the KTM is ideal.

2.Honda CBR500R


Cedric's review

Sporty using the proven block of the CB500, the small Honda CBR500R takes more from this roadster than from a real sports car like the CBR600R. Fairing aside. But on the other hand, this is what makes it one of the most accessible and easy machines in this category for those who would definitely like to ride with this look, without suffering the disadvantages that normally go with it.

JbuzZzLightYear review

Relatively shy, this CBR500R is in reality a CB500F on which we have grafted a full fairing and a pair of bracelets. The latter are also placed very high, not giving the sensation of being one with a sports car. Proof that the Japanese manufacturer is placing very little emphasis on this machine, which is more road-oriented than sporty, the CBR500R is no longer one of the machines eligible for the World Supersport 300 category.

3. yamaha yzf-r3

Cedric's review

Inspired by other Yamaha sports cars, the Yamaha yzf-r3 impressive, and all the details make this machine sublime. You only need a look at the front fairing of the new 2019 version or the perforated upper triple clamp to realize this. Very dynamic and precise, the R3 does not forget to remain liveable on a daily basis and sufficiently versatile. It shares its well-filled horizontal twin-cylinder with the MT-03.

JbuzZzLightYear review

Brought up to date in 2019, the Yamaha R3 has a look directly inspired by the MotoGP M1s! In terms of performance too, the Japanese brand has revised its copy... The goal? Conquer the WSSP300 title and prove the effectiveness of your machine on the track! If you are looking for a little bundle of nerves, accessible upon obtaining the A2 license, it could be that the Yamaha yzf-r3 is able to seduce you.

4.Kawasaki Ninja 400

Cedric's review

As with the Z400, the gain of just over 100 cm³ offered the engine of the Kawasaki Ninja 400 the ideal extra torque and power for an A2 category machine. The look has evolved to conform to that of the brand's "big" sports cars, without abandoning the agility that we knew from the Ninja 300. Like most sports cars of this displacement, it remains compatible with use daily.

JbuzZzLightYear review

Having become a world champion on her handlebars in 2018, Ana Carrasco is an ambassador of choice for this well-born machine. The green bomb takes on the features of its predecessors and also relies on its Racing colors to seduce young bikers in search of sensations...

The electric alternative

Currently still not very widespread, the market for electric motorcycles will develop in the years to come with the arrival of major manufacturers. In addition to the “eco-friendly” aspect, they have the advantage of offering almost instantaneous power and torque, which is particularly relevant with the limitation of the A2 license to 35kW. To be monitored in the coming years because there is no doubt that they will offer a credible alternative for short journeys.

The prohibitive price of these mounts and the absence of major manufacturers (apart from KTM and its FreeRide E-XC, but this is not a road machine designed for wide distribution) remain the biggest obstacles to their development. But when we see that Harley has started to move in this niche with its LiveWire, we can reasonably say that others are thinking about it just as actively.

1.Zero S

Cedric's review

The calculation of the power of an electric vehicle is based on the power delivered continuously, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the 45kW / 60hp (peak power) of a motorcycle like the Zero S during the A2 permit. With a range of 280 km in the city and around 145 km on the highway (at a speed of 110 km/h), the electric motorcycle is slowly becoming a viable alternative for everyday use. A full recharge is estimated at just over €1.97 (off-peak). In terms of pleasure, everyone will see according to their affinities, but know that 0 to 100 is achieved in 5.2 s, and the torque is available immediately. Certainly interesting, but the price of more than €15,733.33 remains a considerable obstacle.

2. Zero FXS

Cedric's review

There Zero FX is the brand's machine which offers off-road capabilities, while the FXS is the supermoto version. The range is less than the roadster version with around 90 km in mixed use. However, the weight of 133 kg combined with a power of 33 kW (44hp) makes it a machine totally suited to the supermoto concept. As with the Zero S, the biggest problem remains the price with an entry ticket at €12,095.00

3. KTM Freeride E-XC (road approved version)

Cedric's review

The Austrian manufacturer is going electric with the E-XC (homologated – the E-SX is not), which remains above all a machine dedicated to off-road. Like the E-SM, a supermoto version marketed a few years ago, it is mainly a question of gauging the reception of these machines by the general public. The very limited autonomy (less than 1 hour 30 minutes of operation) being less annoying for cross use, it is an excellent field for experimentation. The E-XC is available from €11,332.92.


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