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Dexter Nucleon road helmet test

We tested the Dexter Nucleon helmet, the 100% fiber model sold at the very aggressive price of €147.50. Well finished and perfect for short trips, this helmet could become a mid-range bestseller. Unfortunately, he suffers from some youthful flaws which deprive him of his traveling stripes.

A mind-blowing technical sheet for this price

The Dexter Nucleon stands out from other mid-range headsets thanks to its composition 100% fiber, normally reserved for helmets sold two or three times more expensive! The weight gain is obvious: 1,350 g on the scale, compared to 1,470 g for my thermoplastic Shark Skwal. Your neck will thank you. The aerodynamics and soundproofing seem satisfactory, however this test was carried out on my streamlined V-Strom.

Further proof that the Dexter Nucleon is greatly inspired by high-end helmets: emergency extraction straps for moss. I don't wish you to need them, but they will make the work of emergency services easier in the event of an accident... Until now I had only had one helmet offering this system: a Shoei gt-air. This is to say…

The Dexter Nucleon meets all mid-range standards

For the rest of the technical sheet, everything we generally expect from a grand touring helmet is respected. Double sun visor, three ventilation hatches (chin, forehead, rear), as well as hollowed-out spaces to accommodate intercom earpieces. And the icing on the cake: the visor is not limited to simply being able to accommodate a Pinlock. It comes with the headset, and it's so rare that it deserves to be highlighted!

The “mat black” decor is beautiful, well finished, and there are no defects in the paint. Only the raw plastic of the vents stands out a little.

Regarding inside, the foams are comfortable and pleasant to the touchr although they could benefit from higher density. But it's really very subjective, some will undoubtedly appreciate not being "crushed". I love my Shoei for that, and tastes and colors are not up for debate.

The anti-swirl bib and the nose cover hold well in place and play their role perfectly. Closing is done using a micrometric plastic buckle. It will therefore not offend anyone who is a little hesitant about switching to the double-D system.

A very convincing first version, but which must correct its defects

The Dexter Nucleon has the potential to become a mid-range reference. His baptism of fire was expected, because the ordeal of the journey is merciless. Our test took place over more than 2,000 km and 10 days of travel on the roads of the Alps and Corsica. With several days of 6 to 8 hours of motorcycling. It's intensive use, but I didn't come to count the pencils!

Apparently we were unlucky, because none of the defects we noted are mentioned in user reviews. However, I give you my opinion as is, with the faults that I noticed, although this is perhaps a separate case.

The example we tested showed its limits as soon as the short journey was completed. After an hour of driving, we had the unpleasant surprise to discover that the foam in the calotin had a tendency to slide backwards. A poorly positioned seam created a pressure point on my favorite passenger's head, causing her headaches. To resolve the problem we found a way to maintain the foam in its initial position.

The double sun visor is not dark enough to be sufficiently effective in the middle of summer. With the sun in our faces, we found ourselves having to squint, whereas this is rarely the case with our usual helmets.

The Pinlock system is the best anti-fog system that currently exists. Unfortunately the lens model chosen for the Dexter Nucleon deserves to gain a few centimeters in height. Indeed, when the rest of the visor was covered in fog we had a slightly destabilizing feeling of windowing.

Dexter has taken a big leap forward by completely renewing its range. Succeeding in producing a good fiber helmet for less than €196.67 was quite a challenge, and the Dexter Nucleon is generally successful. Knowing the brand's desire to constantly improve its products, I have no doubt that the next version will correct these small defects.

Interior comfort4.3

Our opinion: A good helmet that can still be improved

The Dexter Nucleon helmet achieves the incredible challenge of being a good 100% fiber helmet for 150 euros. But he suffers from some youthful flaws, which will absolutely have to be corrected to give him his traveler's stripes. However, it will be the perfect choice if you mainly do short trips, and you are absolutely looking for a fiber helmet at a very affordable price.

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