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AGV ax-8 dual evo test

Baptiste, the Viking adventurer, will soon set off across Latin America on the handlebars of his renovated KLE. He came to collect the helmet that will protect him during this great journey, an AGV AX-8 Dual Evo, and gives us his first impressions.

The good thing about Motoblouz is that they don't do things by halves. When you come to see them to say hello, you leave with a helmet lighter than a carton of milk. Here is the AGV AX-8 Dual Evo Carbon Namib (another long name for a very slender helmet). After more than 20,000 terminals with my Shoei Hornet ADV it feels good. We forget the sweet smell of accumulated sweat to find the soft touch of a still new fabric. My new AX-8 is a bit of a stretch. This is a sign of good posture. The visor is super wide. Only small downside: even raised to the top it hinders the view a little. The hatches seem accessible, well they always seem to be accessible when we don't have our gloves on. I like its aggressive look and large visor.

AGV AX-8 Dual Evo helmet: what style!

So I simply put it on after having autographed my old damaged helmet (which also had a lot of qualities). Direction Rouen then Rennes by the dual carriageway. It feels good after 700 miles of travel between Paris and Dunkirk.

I barely feel the helmet on my head, it seems super thin, maybe too thin. On the other hand, the wind rushes straight into the cap and I struggle a little on the highway. I should have taken it off before leaving... Barely fifty kilometers in when I was treated to a very violent downpour. The water quickly rushes into the hatches and slides down the screen. I try to remove the water with my glove and I quickly realize that there is actually some inside.

Tip #1: Batten the hatches at the first drop of water

Three hours of non-stop floating, not even able to take advantage of a lull to air the interior and remove this damn drop that makes me cross-eyed. I'm soaked from head to toe, but not a trace of fog on the screen (It's nice to have a brand new helmet!). Arriving safely (not without difficulty since I had the pleasure of breaking my right collector, right at the engine) I undress. The interior of my AGV AX-8 Dual Evo is not wet, no trace of leaks (other than that damn drop). I'll have a little luck the next few days even if the fuel shortage made the return journey somewhat epic.

Tip #2: Don’t shave trees

I had to test this helmet in TT (see the test of its cross version). I take advantage of the gloomy weather to leave without the mask. An hour and a half of field path, hiking dotted with small technical sections. I have good visibility, I'm not too hot and there's still no visible fogging. Nothing to complain about, it's almost perfect. Except that obviously, the Viking doesn't do things by halves. On the route there are two trees which cover a good part of the track. I commit without blinking an eye (as usual). And bam, the bottom of the visor is all scratched. Anti-scratch? I'm a little disappointed on this point, even if I admit that I could have avoided it.

And with a Cardo Qz hands-free kit, what does that mean?

Just received, just installed. No need to advocate hands-free kits. This is more than appreciable if only to hear your GPS. As for music, during long-term trips as well as everyday journeys, once on the highway it's soothing to hear something other than the whistling wind. By the way, the headset is not very noisy and I am very satisfied at that level. The hands-free kit can be installed easily and without modification on the headset. Scratched on the shoulder strap they will only give a little extra thickness to the helmet foam. In short, for the moment it's perfect and it works great. At least now I don't have to wear those damn earbuds (banned in France). To the wise!

Interior comfort3.5

My opinion: Premier conclusive contact

In summary, it's a very light helmet (carbon required), stylish and super comfortable. Durable (I hope) with an effective anti-fog visor. For the rest I must tell you that I have not worn it enough to get a real idea of ​​its faults and its qualities, which will be the subject of a more in-depth test when I have more perspective. What is certain is that I will go with him and he will see some scenery. Looking forward to meeting you one day!

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  1. Bilou june 8, 2016 at 11:27 Answer

    A little advice from owners of the same helmet: don't forget to regularly check the visor screws. It tends to unscrew. Or a little bit of a little brake and we don't talk about it anymore.
    And the visor tends to get scratched in contact with the upper seal when opened to the premier notch.
    Otherwise it's a very good helmet with a terrible field of vision!

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